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How much does a three-carat oval-cut diamond cost? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

How much does a three-carat oval-cut diamond cost?

A 3-carat oval diamond ring signifies true beauty and is an ideal carat weight for
brides to flaunt. The three-carat oval diamonds are an elegant and precise choice that will look good on any finger. The main reason behind the popularity of the oval diamond ring is that they are known to be the closest variant of round
brilliant-cut diamond stone.

How much is a 3-carat oval diamond ring?

The aesthetics plays a crucial role at the time of buying diamonds. A 3-carat Oval ring will range between $ 14,000 to $ 1,00,000 depending on the color and cut clarity of the Oval diamonds and the choice you make between natural and lab-grown diamonds.

How can you choose a sparkly and brilliant three-carat Oval diamond ring?

When shopping for a diamond engagement ring, everyone prefers sparkly and
bright diamonds instead of flat, lifeless stones. The challenging part of buying a
3-carat diamond ring oval is determining the cut quality of the ring. Unlike other
popular diamond shapes like round diamonds GIA certificate will provide you
details about the cut and quality rating of the ring, but a 3-carat oval ring will
have limited information in the grading report.

Things to consider

How can you choose a premium oval diamond engagement ring? When buying a 3-carat oval diamond ring, you need to go for a well-cut diamond ring with VS2
or a better clarity range so that it can appear clean and have a color range of G or higher.

Bow Tie Effect

As Oval rings create a bow tie effect, you must ensure that this effect does not
make the diamond stone too distracting or dark. Choose a 3-carat oval diamond
ring on your finger that displays a less intense and less visible bow-tie effect.
Choose a symmetrical diamond ring that looks like a good oval outline in your

Reputable Vendor

When buying a 3 carats Oval shaped diamond ring for yourself, you need to shop from a reliable and authentic vendor with a sizable inventory for customers to choose from. Also, look for a reliable vendor to get proper certification and
tangible data on your 3-carat Oval diamonds. Having proper tangible information, such as scope images and videos, will help you decide whether you
should go for a particular ring.


Although these guidelines will help you find a perfect oval ring, in the end, it is up to you whether you are looking for an internally flawless quality diamond or a
low-colored diamond if you're on a tight budget. 3-carat oval diamonds will look good with Halo settings, solitaire settings, and ring gold bands, sparkle your ring, and create a massive appeal impact.

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