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Choose an Oval Diamond Ring for Your Engagement

There are many new shapes of diamond rings available that are rising in popularity in recent days; however; the oval ring has always maintained its pristine image and is considered to be a timeless fashion. An oval diamond cut ring is known to be a kind of modified version or look of a round-cut diamond ring.

Although both round-cut and Oval-cut diamonds have the same characteristics, an Oval cut diamond has an elongated shape compared to a round-cut diamond. So an oval diamond looks much bigger. If you are looking for a beautiful and big-sized diamond for your wedding or engagement ring that gives a remarkable blink and brilliance, then Oval wedding rings will be the perfect choice for you.

What makes the Oval diamond ring the best choice as an engagement or wedding ring?

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Following are the reasons why you should opt for an Oval diamond engagement ring for your beloved partner.

  • Looks Traditional and Unique

There are various shapes, cuts, and sizes of diamonds available in the market today; however, finding the perfect choice for your wedding or engagement ring is a challenging task. Princess and round cut diamonds are a traditional and stunning option for an engagement ring. These two cuts are popular today; however, being too popular, these cuts are gradually losing their uniqueness. An oval engagement ring is a brilliant-cut diamond that looks unique and grabs people's attention across the room. It is a traditional and unique diamond cut option that will look classy forever and suits the best of those looking for variety and uniqueness.

  • Budget-Friendly

Compared to round-cut diamond rings, oval diamond engagement rings are relatively more original and affordable in nature. The Solitaire Oval wedding ring is the perfect option for people who are budget conscious and want more weight and sparkle in their wedding ring. The oval cut looks much bigger compared to the round diamond with the same weight but is much more pricey.

  • Bow Tie Formation Looks Unique

An oval cut diamond ring is a better option than other shapes of diamond because it has a unique bow-tie formation. The bow tie formation effect is an essential aspect that makes the oval diamond ring more unique and beautiful. Although they look unique and beautiful, you need to be cautious while selecting the setting of your oval diamond ring if you want to maintain its look and uniqueness. If you pair your oval diamond ring with the wrong setting, then it will outshine and overpower the center diamond stone full. Therefore, the best setting for oval diamond rings is a bezel, prong, or halo setting.

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