10 Surprising Facts about the Lab Grown Diamond Rings

The creation of lab grown diamonds has stirred up a conversation between buyers about the authenticity and composition of these diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet Care Tips

Diamonds are one of the most precious substances found on earth and hence, possessing diamond jewelry surely is a great pleasure of life.

How to choose your lab-grown diamond rings shape?

The diamond ring that you possess is not only your engagement ring but also the storyteller of your and your partner’s love story.

All Pink Diamonds Are Not Created Equal

Diamonds are the most popular and valuable gemstones. The size and weight of the diamond are two different characteristics.

Do lab-created diamonds fade or become cloudy with time?

We might get a little confused when it comes to the properties of a diamond. Not all of us are experts to know about the diamond inside out,...

Lab-Created Bridal Jewelry by New World Diamonds

If you’re going to get married in a few days, then we are sure that you’re looking for the best bridal outfits, jewelry and everything else. Preparing for...

The Finest Collection of Men's Jewelry

Women love adorning themselves with elegant pieces of jewelry, and so do men. Of course, not with heavy necklaces and bracelets, but yes, there are ample options available...

A Fancy Collection of Cut Diamonds @ New World Diamonds

To possess a diamond is to possess a piece of eternity. It is the sparkling gemstone that adds value to your life. It is the ultimate symbol of...

Add Value to Your Life and Lifestyle with Lab Diamonds

We all want to possess something that is eternal and will remain precious to us forever. As women, we often love beautifying our features by adding layers of...

Diamonds are the best gifts for your loved ones

There are countless ways of expressing your love towards your loved ones but tell us a way better way than gifting a diamond to them.

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