About Us


Here at New World Diamonds we have set out to reshape the way our culture thinks about diamonds. Designing a personal and unique expression for the way we honor that special someone, celebrate our BFF, express love or how we acknowledge special moments. We find inspiration in Mother Nature, all things unique, bold colors, and people like you. We share a common belief that diamonds should be for all and that life’s moments should be celebrated NO matter what’s being celebrated. We’re not here to tell you how to use a diamond, or when to give a diamond, or tell you how precious a diamond truly is; we’re here with you to create a timeless story.



We’re here because we wish to empower each and every person on this journey of life. We work to safeguard every single second of time regardless of where we come from, what ethnic background we have, what sexual orientation we have, or what religious beliefs we uphold. Diamonds aren't just for engagements or weddings; they’re for life’s celebrations, new additions to your family, anniversaries and any occasion you desire to capture. We aren't defining your moment, but rather letting you define what moment a diamond is for. In the end, our purpose is to bring joy to your special place in time.



We’d love to hear from you and encourage you to call 877-653-2250 with any questions you may have about our company, if you need help choosing a diamond or if you just want to chat with someone… WE ARE HERE!


- The New World Diamonds Team