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Pure, ethical, and error-free diamonds at your home. Lab grown diamonds are exactly identical gems with the exactly similar chemical properties and qualities just made in the specialized environment in a human inspection. Explore our lab grown diamonds collection available in the highest quality possible & affordable prices.

A Smarter Diamond is taking root. Welcome to a fresh new collection of lab grown diamonds at New World Diamonds. With over 40 years of experience and insider knowledge, New World Diamonds is a holistic lab grown diamond company. With our condensed knowledge in the industry, we are the sole owners and traders of the world's best lab grown diamonds.

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Whether it's a classic white diamond or unique colored lab grown diamonds to help you mark a new kind of milestone, New World Diamonds creates your diamond, to meet your need. We help you while choosing the optimal combination of color and clarity specifically for the cut you prefer while getting the highest quality diamond in your budget.









What Makes Our Lab Grown Diamonds Different?

The finest quality lowest pricing and in-house production make our lab grown diamonds different from other lab grown diamonds in the world. Our lab grown diamonds possess an experience of more than 40 years and insider knowledge of expert lab grown diamonds magicians.

Price Comparison

Lab-Grown 1.29 Ct Round G Color VS1 Clarity Ideal Cut Diamond

Brilliant Earth $3500
James Allen $4220
New World Diamonds $2605

As of May 26, 2020

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Shop by the style you prefer - our lab grown diamonds are exactly identical to mined ones in only the ways that matter; they are available in many different shapes. Explore hundreds of designs to find your dream lab grown diamond ring. Didn't find something in your mind? Just reach out, we may craft a ring to your specifications.









How are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

In the specialized environment of a laboratory, lab grown diamonds are created with a small droplet of carbon and pressurizing it for thousands of kilograms of weight. This sounds easy but lab grown diamonds have to be exactly identical to their natural counterparts and hence the process takes more than just pressure

Lab Grown Diamonds v/s Real Diamonds

There is not so much difference between lab grown diamonds and real diamonds if you examine them with specialized equipment. Real diamonds are formed in the Earth’s belly billions of years ago and lab grown diamonds are formed within 8 to 10 weeks in a specialized environment at the laboratory.

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