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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
Man-Made Diamonds vs. Mined Diamonds - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Man-Made Diamonds vs. Mined Diamonds

'Our ecology shall thrive the day; beauty isn't extracted out, but made.”

For time immemorial, our planet has been put to the test for varied reasons, mining, deforestation, clearance for cultivable lands, relentless damage to wildlife habitats, and overuse of natural resources, to name a few. Mining and extraction are irrevocably scaring our planet, with extraction involved in getting earthy diamonds on the fingers of many.

The extraction of earthy or natural diamonds involves heavy machinery -digging deep into the bowels of the Earth's crust to extract stones that are later polished and cut to form diamonds. Heavy machines and expensive labors team to churn out these precious stones included as the carbon deposits undergo tremendous heat and pressure deep within the upper mantle of the Earth'sEarth's crust. How far shall we go? Is this way of adorning our beauty ethical?

Here's a resolution that can restore our planet's health while maintaining the love for brilliant diamonds. The eternal and mesmerizing lab-grown diamonds.

The Arrival of Conflict-Free Man Made Diamonds

Conflict-free lab-grown diamonds, also called synthetic or man made diamonds are grown using a seed in hot baking chambers. Experts possessing the highest proficiency levels create these fine scintillations inside laboratories equipped with specialized equipment using ingenious techniques. Are lab-grown diamonds the future of modern jewelry? We can debate it, but unarguably their ethical verve and top-notch style get us behind them, leaving us in complete awe of their brilliant iridescent shine!

A carbon seed is placed inside hot baking chambers, exposed to tremendous heat, and pressure from all directions. The temperature of these chambers is mimicked by external temperatures of the Earth's crust to embolden the making of fine sterling stones. The environment around the carbon seed is created in line with the natural one to help produce the brightest shine, similar to the earthy diamonds. Once the entire process of formation is complete, which usually lasts for around a month, stones are cooled and cut, and polished to shine, designed as a marvel of breathtaking diamonds. Easy, right? Indeed, this innovation has led many ardent buyers to shift their tides to embracing ethical creation.

Man Made Diamonds Vs. Mined Diamonds

The basic yet fundamental difference between the two is their formation process that makes all the difference. Lab-grown diamonds are created using an environmentally sound and safer approach that benefits our ecology, limits the use of resources like water and energy, and saves the lives of laborers who are exposed to hazardous gases and polluted spaces while digging into the crust.

Apart from this, all brilliance, shine, or shimmer are identical. Lab-grown diamonds come with zero intrusions and are clearer, exuding heart-warming luster. Both the diamonds possess similar optical, physical, and chemical properties; however, they remain utterly different in their formations. Their shine, brilliance, and timeless spark remain dreamy and identical making it

The most sophisticated labs worldwide have rated these diamonds as the most original and purest form of stones, possessing eternal shine that lasts forever! It's almost impossible for a human eye to spot the difference between the two as lab-grown diamonds possess color and clarity identical to the natural ones. Apart from this, man-made diamonds have leaped by coming in varied shapes and enticing colors. From fiery ruby to lovely magenta pink, ethical diamonds can take on colors with warmth, imparting a shine that indeed remains magical!

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