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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

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A diamond’s shape is its most distinguishing and easily identifiable feature. Diamonds are cut in a variety of shapes that maximize diamond brilliance and give character to the diamond. Different shapes can represent different personalities and events. Round brilliant cuts are the most popular, followed by Princess cut diamonds.

Diamonds are cut in a variety of shapes. But how does a diamond cutter decide what shape to create? Well, a diamond cutter’s number one responsibility is to preserve and maximize carat weight. And since rough diamonds can come in unpredictable shapes and sizes, the diamond cutter will create whichever shape maximizes carat weight and value.

Diamonds By Shape

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Heart Diamonds


Learn More About Diamond Shapes

All shapes of Lab CREATED Diamonds

We have a variety of Lab Grown Diamonds, and you can choose the one that appeals to you the most. Each shape enjoys its own benefits and impediments, from its appearance and splendour to the cost you'll pay per carat. 

Round Diamond


The round brilliant is known for its brilliance and sparkle! The round brilliant is the most popular and sought-after diamond shape for an engagement ring. The round shape is one of the most classic shapes, and over 50% of engagement rings sparkle with this shape as the center stone. Diamonds match everything, but the round brilliant is sure to be the perfect choice for any special person.

Oval Diamond


The round brilliant is known for its brilliance and sparkle! The round brilliant is the most popular and sought-after diamond shape for an engagement ring. The round shape is one of the most classic shapes, and over 50% of engagement rings sparkle with this shape as the center stone. Diamonds match everything, but the round brilliant is sure to be the perfect choice for any special person.

Cushion Diamond


This square-cut diamond with rounded edges lends itself to be romantic feel. This timeless shape has been refined over hundreds of years. Cushion-cut diamonds are a beautiful choice for any setting style.

Princess Diamond


This diamond shape is fit for a “Princess”. The princess shape is truly the hopeless romantic of diamonds. They have a similar sparkle and brilliance to the round but in a square shape. The princess cut is distinctive, yet a contemporary shape and is the second most popular diamond shape. Does it need to say more, its name is Princess?

Pear Diamond


The pear shape is another favourite. The tapered shape can be flattering and helps to make the hand look slimmer and more elegant. Although still beautiful, the pear shape is in the fancy family of diamond shapes, and it can be difficult to hold their cuts constant. Make sure to look for even, outstanding brilliance throughout the top of the surface. A well-cut fancy is few and far between. Shop carefully and trust your eye!

Emerald Diamond


The emerald shape is best known for its beauty and precision. Its long facets and layered corners can resemble stairs, highlighting its clarity, color, and luster better than any other shape.

Marquise Diamond


Another member of the fancy shape family, the marquise is sure to hold extraordinary character and plenty of sparkles! The elongated stone can give an illusion of greater size, as it has a larger surface area than any other diamond shape. The pointed ends and curved center help to make fingers look longer and more slender. Marquise diamonds lend a unique look in any type of setting.

Asscher Diamond


Asscher, a square emerald-shaped diamond is a beautiful and unique shape. Often, step-cut diamonds have less fire and sparkle than brilliant-cut diamonds, but the highlight of its clarity will make up for it! Be careful when selecting your stone; work with a professional, who should steer you to learn up on the clarity grades for the best brilliance!

Radiant Diamond


The radiant cut diamond combines the silhouette of an emerald cut diamond with the fire and sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond! The unique shape offers the ideal brilliance and high-end look. Due to its design, this shape requires more carat weight in the depth to maximize brilliance. The radiant shape can be more durable than other shapes as it is less prone to chipping or catching.

Heart Diamond


A true fancy, probably the fanciest of the family! The heart diamond represents longevity and love. The heart-shaped creates a bold and romantic look with the shimmer of two symmetrical halves. The symmetry characteristic of the heart shape is very important when choosing a diamond. The heart shape is very popular in solitaire pendants and rings.

What are the benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds Ethically Responsible

Ethically Responsible

Lab grown diamonds are environment-friendly and sustainable selection of diamonds that don’t support mining malpractices.

Lab Grown Diamonds Pristine Quality

Pristine Quality

Lab crafted diamonds and naturally occurring diamond have the exact same physical, chemical, and optical properties.

Lab Grown Diamonds Brilliant Value

Brilliant Value

Lab manufactured diamonds offering you a more affordable price for high-quality and size than natural diamonds.

Just like there are a variety of shapes available in a natural diamond, the same shapes are also available in a lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamonds have the same optical, chemical as well as physical characteristics as mined diamonds. Being 100% real diamonds, the only difference lies in the origin of the diamonds. As the name suggests, lab grown diamonds are grown inside a laboratory and under controlled conditions. The lab diamond rough is created using extreme pressure and heat but inside a machine rather than the layers of the Earth. Certified by IGI, lab grown diamonds are certified basis the same characteristics as those of the natural ones. Even with lab grown diamonds, it is necessary that the “best” possible shape is chosen for a particular stone. As you know, the gem shape is chosen to hide flaws. Even lab grown diamonds have flaws or inclusions that need to be hidden. Once the stone is studied, the cutter will decide what kind of shape will be best suited. From deciding how to hide (read: cut) the flaws, and maximize fire and brilliance, to getting the most value out of the rough stone, the cutter’s job from taking the rough stone to a finished product is a journey in itself.

 With lab diamond shapes, the round brilliant holds first place and is the most popular owing to the fire it offers in comparison to other shapes. Another popular lab grown diamond shape is the oval since it is trendy and looks larger than it really is. Economical and again offering a larger size, a marquise, pear, or cushion cut lab diamond shape makes for an ideal choice. These shapes require less of the original stone to be wasted. For the same reason, an Asscher or emerald cut also offers a great piece with great value. The lab diamond roughs allow for fancy shapes to be cut with ease. This has to do with the making of the rough diamond in the growing process. Pick a lab diamond shape that best suits you, your taste, and your budget.

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  • Lab Created Diamonds Ring Settings
  • Like every other brand, we believe that the setting for the diamond ring plays a vital role in determining the final look. Buyers these days prefer unique designs for their chosen gems. Here are some Engagement Ring Settings that you will love, ranging from plain to various diamond-accented styles that will blow your mind.

    Sweet Caroline: Though seemingly plain, this design is a beauty in itself and an excellent choice for those who love the classics.

    Make way for Isabelle: The setting features a Pave design to enhance the band’s look.

    Let Celia add that twist: If you love surprises, this setting, which has twist patterns on both sides of the frame, is an excellent fit for your personality!

    Unconventional Janessa: Wish for something different on your big day?! The setting features a crossing pattern design, which is like with tiny diamonds.

    Splitting like Catherine: Featuring a square diamond halo supported by split shanks on both sides, this is great for the ones who love a little extra excitement in their lives.

  • How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Rated And Certified?
  • Despite how different Lab Grown Diamonds are from the natural ones when it comes to origins, the same certification standards apply to them, as the 4 C,s (cut, clarity, color, and carat) determine the suitability of all diamonds. As Lab Grown Diamonds are crafted to perfection and have the same carbon content, they will go through similar grading processes.

  • What are Sustainably Rated Man Made Diamonds?
  • The new generation is trying to minimize and end environmental pollution in their way! Diamond Jewelers have chosen Lab Grown Diamonds to avoid contributing to the waste of natural resources. A sustainably rated Lab diamond is the one that experts create without endangering the atmosphere and any life form in sight.

  • Types of Color Diamonds
  • Lab Grown Diamonds come in all kinds of brilliant colors. The collection will live up to your expectations and has the best to offer in terms of quality and shade. Here are some of the most preferred tinges.

    White: Everyone’s staple preference for engagement ceremonies and proposals, these magnificent Lab Grown Diamonds are better than their natural counterparts, as they sparkle like the stars in the sky!

    Blue: These gems have gained popularity in recent years and have a regal air about them, making them perfect for any festive occasion.

    Pink: Though not the most preferred, this is still a popular hue for those who want something unique but don’t wish to go all out. The color speaks of sophistication and a charming attitude and is perfect if you want a Pink Diamond Ring.

    Smokey: It is almost similar to the white diamonds, but the transparent texture sets it apart. People who don’t want the brightness of white diamonds go for it.

Diamonds By Color

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White Lab Grown Diamonds


Pink Lab Grown Diamonds


Blue Lab Grown Diamonds


Green Lab Grown Diamonds


Yellow Lab Grown Diamonds


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Black Lab Grown Diamonds


Purple Lab Grown Diamonds


Red Lab Grown Diamonds


Gray Lab Grown Diamonds


Brown Lab Grown Diamonds


Olive Lab Grown Diamonds


Lab-Created Diamonds

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Lab-Created Diamonds

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Lab Created Diamond FAQ