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Our Mission

We’re building a smarter diamond company—one that celebrates the wonder of diamonds and ditches everything we don’t love about the industry.

Our Values


We know diamond customers have evolved faster than the diamond industry. We meet you where you want to be, with diamond sourcing and a buying process that actually makes sense for the world we live in.


We’re not here to talk you into a purchase; we’re here to ensure you get the right diamond for you. We know what really matters when it comes to the 4Cs, and what’s right and what’s wrong with the diamond industry.


Our diamonds shine brighter because of you and your story. We want our diamonds to fit your vision, whatever that might be, and we will ensure that it does.


Diamonds are valuable, but they shouldn’t be unattainable. Lab-grown diamonds give you more for your money, and because our diamonds are grown in-house, we’re able to bring them directly to you, without the extra markups.

Ethically Conscious

There is a smarter way to make a diamond, one that is more aware of its impact on the world. Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free and more conscious of the environment. We want you to feel as good about your diamond purchase as we do about making them.


We’re not here to tell you how to use a diamond. We believe the best celebrations are the ones that are authentic to you. We believe diamonds are for everyone—no matter where you come from or where you’re going.