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Does a Halo Setting Make Halo Diamond Rings Bigger? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Does a Halo Setting Make Halo Diamond Rings Bigger?

Women have distinct preferences and tastes when it comes to deciding on the size of their wedding or engagement rings. While some opt for subtle diamond engagement rings, others make a purchase on the basis of the size of the diamond. If you make your choice on the basis of style and size, then you must be worried about the price tag that comes with a diamond ring. However, you need not exceed your budget since you can have a big-size ring if you choose the Halo diamond ring.

What is a Halo set?

The halo setting refers to small accent stones or diamonds which surround the large center diamond. There are different shapes for the center stone and halo, and you can choose anyone or also choose the same shape for both stones. These settings are generally 2 pronged- floating and flash halo. In the case of a flush halo setting, the center diamond and the halo remain on the same level as in a floating halo. The center diamond stone is a bit elevated above the halo and not on the same level. Halo diamond rings feature a diamond in the center, which is surrounded by a loop of several smaller stones.

The square or concentric circle diamonds in the hallow ring setting will make your ring appear more brilliant and larger than its actual size.

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Does a Halo setting make a diamond look larger?

The halo setting gives an impression or an illusion that will make your diamond ring appear to be larger than its actual size. The halo diamond setting looks ½ a carat larger. This is the reason why couples opt for a large, flashy diamond ring by choosing a halo setting without digging a hole in their pocket. This setting will also make your ring look bigger and enhance the elegance of your engagement or wedding ring. Different halo options are available today, and you can also opt for a customized halo diamond setting ring to make it look unique. Halo settings are a stunning choice for a wedding or engagement ring.

The main reason Halo diamond engagement rings will make your engagement or wedding diamond look larger is because of the total surface area of diamonds or gemstones, and the increased brilliance. The surrounding diamond stones help in boosting the look of your center diamond and make it look bigger. Many design their Halo ring with different colored gemstones to create a contrasting look. There are a variety of ring styles halo rings, such as classic ring-style, vintage ring-style, gemstone halo rings, double Halo rings, hidden Halo rings, floral Halo rings, etc. This setting provides plenty of sparkle and style to the wearer. While purchasing Halo setting ring for your wedding or engagement ring, always opt for a highly reputable and trustworthy vendor, for instance, New World Diamonds.

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