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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

Halo Engagement Rings Inspired by Your Favorite Celebs

Every couple, young and old go through their fair shares of confusion when choosing engagement rings. There are so many things one needs to keep in mind when picking out a ring— from shapes, sizes to cuts and clarity. Halo diamond rings have long been a popular choice for the newly engaged. However, it received a surge in popular recently— making it now a raving trend since 2021. This unique design champions the center piece diamond along with smaller diamonds positioned around it.

Over the recent years, thanks to a growing cluster of celebrities, and ethically conscious individuals­ — lab-grown diamonds around the world have gained popularity. The availability of engagement rings in both classic and modern designs makes it so much easier for people to consider buying lab-grown alternatives. Lab-grown colored diamonds and white lab-grown diamonds have received a raving fanbase for their conflict-free sourcing process and indistinguishable features from that of their mined counterparts.

For those seeking inspiration, here are some Halo Engagement Rings loved, endorsed and shown-off by celebrities around the world.

Cardi B

The reigning queen of rap showed off her engagement ring from partner Offset. The double halo setting engagement ring has a pear-shaped 8-carat diamond at the center and is beautifully adorned with 2 carats worth of rare pink and white diamond melee stones.

Mary Kate Olsen

The one half of the famed Olsen Sisters, Mary Kate Olsen donned her vintage halo diamond ring that beautifully positions a 4-carat diamond center with a halo made of sapphire surrounding the center. Small diamonds elegantly wrap around the side like petals.

Emma Roberts

A Hollywood legacy and of the We are the Millers fame, Emma Roberts said yes to a beautiful halo diamond ring. A fan of the style, she has also been spotted flaunting another ring that is a hidden halo engagement ring inspired by the art-deco style and studded beautifully with onyx-hued stones. 

Bindi Irwin

Daughter of the crocodile hunter himself, Bindi Irwin much like her father is a champion of sustainability and wildlife. Her engagement ring too was nothing less. Made from lab-grown diamonds. With a central diamond and scattered diamonds wrapped intrinsically with a twisted band, the ring is unique and homage to classic, vintage Halo Engagement Rings. 

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale of the Disney High School Musical and Suite Life of Zac and Cody fame is every aughts girl’s fashion icon. For her engagement ring, she chose to go with cushion cut halo engagement rings. With the one featuring a 2-carat diamond set into a pavé-studded double halo setting, she chose elegance over trends.  

Eva Longoria

For the unconventional, Eva is setting the stage to help you embrace your quirks freely. Her engagement ring has a ruby stone centering the ring with oversized halo diamonds surrounding the large center rock.

While there are a host of options for you to choose from, Halo Engagement Rings often are a top favorite choice. However, remember to keep your mind open to possibilities anew. While your preferences may shift based on the size of the ring, the setting, the color, it’s always important to pick something that is at the cusp of style and functionality, elegance, and modernity.

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