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Celebrate your unique bond of love with man-made diamonds. If you want to get a classic and robust piece of jewelry, <a href="/">New World Diamonds</a> is the right place. We offer a wide selection of lab grown diamonds which tell a story of love and compassion. You can also customize your own jewelry with our precious lab created diamonds. Find them in various colors, carats, and create a piece that you will cherish forever. You can choose loose lab grown diamonds of your choice and we'll craft <a href="/collections/all-jewelry">stunning jewelry</a> out of it.

Man made diamonds are environment-friendly and sustainable. That’s what makes them the right choice. Check out our wide collection right away!

Why Lab Grown Diamonds?


Ethically Responsible

Environment-friendly and sustainable selection of diamonds that don’t support mining malpractices.

Pristine Quality

Lab crafted diamonds and naturally occurring diamond have the exact same physical and chemical properties.

Brilliant Value

Offering you a more affordable price for high-quality lab manufactured diamonds






Create a custom engagement ring for the unique celebration of your love story

About Lab Grown Diamonds

Shop for pure, ethical, and high-quality diamonds from the comfort of your home. Like natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds possess similar chemical properties and physical attributes as they are made in a specialized environment under expert supervision. Explore our superior quality lab grown diamonds that are available at affordable prices. These man-made diamonds often surpass natural diamonds in quality.

A Smarter Diamond is taking root; shop from a fresh new collection of lab grown diamonds at New World Diamonds. With over 40 years of experience and insider knowledge, New World Diamonds is a lab grown diamond company that produces diamonds in-house. With our condensed knowledge in the industry, we are the sole owners and traders of the world's best lab grown diamonds. Our manufactured diamonds are certified by Gemologists.

Lab Diamond FAQ  

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What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab-Grown Diamonds, as the name suggests, are man-made diamonds that are produced in laboratories. This is the only difference from their naturally occurring counterparts. Managed under strict guidelines and highly controlled, pressured environments, authorized creators replicate the exact composition of naturally occurring diamonds. As diamonds are at its very core carbon, the lab-crafted diamonds resemble the exact same chemical and physical properties, without the monopolized regulations of the mining industry,making them highly cost efficient for consumers.

What Makes Our Lab Grown Diamonds Different?

The finest quality lowest pricing and in-house production make our lab grown diamonds different from other lab grown diamonds in the world. Our lab grown diamonds possess an experience of more than 40 years and insider knowledge of expert lab grown diamonds magicians.

How are Lab Diamonds Made?

Lab-Grown Diamonds
are created using highly advanced processes like High Pressure High Temperature
(HPTP) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). When using the HPHT method of
creation, a tiny diamond seed is placed in a pure form of carbon. The seed then
undergoes 1500+ degrees Celsius of heat and approximately 1.5 million pounds
per square inch of pressure. The amalgamation of the two components results in
a pure carbon diamond formation. The process varies slightly when using the CVD
. A slice of diamond seed is placed in a heated sealed chamber and is
exposed to carbon-rich gases. The combination of 800 degrees Celsius heat with
the gases leads to the crystallization of carbon, forming the diamonds. These
processes are merely a replication of the same environment present at Earth's
core, resulting in the formation of raw and pure lab-made diamonds of supreme


Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Diamond Simulants

What’s unique about lab grown diamonds are their likeness to naturally occurring diamonds. Both have the exact same physical and chemical compositions.This however, cannot be said about Simulants. By their very nature, they simulate naturally occurring diamonds. They significantly differ in their properties. What is more is that they do not actually possessing any carbon crystals. Zirconia, moissanite among others are some of the more popularly identified Simulants. Visual likeliness is their only similarity.


Lab Created Diamond Ring Settings

We have a plethora of ring setting options that make the lab grown diamonds a natural choice for engagement rings. Matching it seamlessly with a diamond centre, each ring setting option can be made available in lab-grown variants.


Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Naturally Occurring Diamonds

To a novice, or the common eye, one can never tell the difference between the two.This is only because they are so a like. Lab Grown Diamonds possess the exact sample properties as that of naturally occurring diamonds and they are simple impossible to pick apart. Even through the jewelry loupe, it is hard to differentiate. The only way to tell them apart is by running tests and using specialized equipment, designed for this specific use. One may be able to differentiate them basis a few varying traces of elements that are not present in naturally occurring diamonds.


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