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What is the birthstone for May?

What is the birthstone for May? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

The birthstone for people born in May is emerald. Emerald gemstone is widely
known for its exquisite beauty and lustrous green hue. The birthstone for May
symbolizes love, abundance, wealth, wisdom, success, and passion.

What is the birthstone for May?

The birthstone representing the month of May is the emerald, a deep green
variety of gemstone that belongs to the beryl gemstone group and has a rich
saturation and dark tone. There are wide varieties of tiny and large gemstones
available in the market; however, emerald crystals have noticeable clarity
features and are recognized by their lush green color.

Popularity of emeralds

Emerald gemstones represent May month and are a valuable gift to partners to
commemorate the 20th and the 35th marriage anniversaries. Today May
Birthstone has become a favorite gemstone for many because of its rich history
and royalty. Today this gemstone is available in diverse jewelry at different
prices, and you will get extravagant and affordable emerald rings and jewelry.
The powerful and unique green hue of emerald gemstones has made them highly popular in the global market. They are becoming a whole part of colored
gemstones like Ruby and sapphire.

What is the color of this may birthstone?

The main prominent feature of emerald that makes it noticeable and remarkable
is its green color. The May birthstone color is evaluated on the basis of three main factors saturation, tone, and hue. Emeralds have a dominant and powerful green hue that can either be pure green or sometimes show a minor yellow or blue hue. This is because crystals of the emerald gemstone are dichroic; therefore, sometimes, it shows yellow from one direction and sometimes blue from another direction.

Both saturation and tone of this Birthstone may be significantly important as if
these two factors are extremely light, then this gemstone will not be qualified as
emerald and will be called only green Beryl. You can see professional reading
reports such as GIA reports to distinguish between true emerald gemstones and
green Beryl. The best emerald jewelry will have a bluish or rich green hue with
vivid or strong saturation and a medium-dark tone.

Where can you find emeralds?

The main sources of emeralds are

  • Colombia
  • Colombia
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Brazil
  • Norway
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Russia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia
  • Canada, and
  • The United States.

Location, where chromium and beryllium intermingle, will typically have an
emerald mine. The best-known emerald mine is located in South America.
Emeralds from Colombia are the finest and most beautiful specimens globally, as they have a low content of iron, which brings a slightly bluish hue and green

History and symbolism of may birthstone

The dazzling green color of the emerald stone is a symbol of growth and
prosperity. In Roman mythology, emerald is associated with the goddess of love
that is the goddess, Venus, even in the middle age. Emerald birthstone was
considered to be a symbol of good fortune and fertility. It was believed that
emeralds helped to eliminate impatience, resist the devil, and restore energy in
exhausted travelers. These emeralds formed a part of the royal jewelry that kings and queens wore. People who were born in the month of May wore emerald dreams, necklaces, and jewelry. They are highly precious for their clarity and rich green color.

Cleaning and caring tips of emerald

On the Mohs hardness scale, the emerald has been rated 7.5 to 8.0. Emeralds are scratch resistant and durable; however, since they include some inclusions or flows, they are susceptible and vulnerable to quick damage if worn daily and for a prolonged time. Wearing emerald diamonds jewelry and rings may cause losing of its shine and deterioration of the emerald facets. The best and most effective way to clean Emeralds is using mild soap and warm water. Never use steam, high heat, or chemicals for cleaning emerald jewelry since this can result in fractures in your gemstone.

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