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September's Birthstone is Sapphire – Known for Royalty

September's Birthstone is Sapphire – Known for Royalty - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

The most romantic and beautiful autumnal season begins with September month. The birthstone of September is sapphire, which represents romance, loyalty, and high society. Sapphire is a beautiful and popular gemstone used for wedding or engagement rings, specifically in most royal families. For instance, Kate Middleton.

What is September Birthstone?

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions sapphires is blue sapphires; however, this gemstone is available in many beautiful shades or colors.

People also associate yellow sapphires as their original and official birthstone sapphire color for September. You can choose any of your favorite colors or shades, and it can be counted as your September birthstone.

What is the Birthstone for September?

The birthstone for September is sapphire. Sapphire is a word that comes from the Latin word sapphirus, which signifies blue. Apart from sapphires, birthstones for September can also include peridot, zircon, moonstone, sardonyx, and agate. Zircon is also a birthstone that comes second after sapphires for people born in September.

History and Symbolism of sapphires

The history of sapphire dates back to the Middle East and ancient Greek. The ancient Greeks wore sapphires and honored the famous Greek God, Apollo, who protects and symbolizes music, archery, prophecies, disease, healing, dance, music, poetry, light, sun, and truth. People brought sapphires to the temples of Apollo and wore them to get healing from diseases. It is thought that sapphires protect the wearer from evil creatures and snakes. Most of them also believe that sapphires can kill spiders and snakes because this gemstone has magical powers. Sapphire Where was also hailed as a celestial stone in ancient Persia and believed to possess spiritual powers. Even Kings, Royal Nobilities, and Queens used to wear sapphires in order to protect themselves from plagues and war in the Middle Ages.

Where is the September birthstone found?

Sapphires are sourced from different countries all around the world, such as Sri Lanka, Australia, Madagascar, Myanmar, the United States, etc. The most sought-after sapphires worldwide are sourced from Sri Lanka; the shimmering rich blue hues of Sapphire gemstone, which comes from Sri Lanka, are quite expensive. Sapphires are the most valuable stones compared to other types of gems. They are the most expensive birthstones after rubies, pearls, and diamonds. Zircon and Lapis Lazuli come second when it comes to September birthstones depending on the world calendars; however, they are valued less because they do not have a rich history, unlike sapphires. Zircon is not similar to zirconia as the latter is just a simulant diamond, whereas Zircon is a natural and valuable gemstone.

What is the color of the September birthstone?

September Birthstone Color ranges from deep, rich blue to light clear blue. Sapphires generally come in different color shades like pink, white, orange, gray, yellow, green, and brown. You will also get red sapphires, but the red sapphire is generally bought as Ruby. Red sapphires and Ruby come from the same corundum mineral. The essential factor which determines the value of sapphires is the color. Color is more important than clarity when it comes to the value of a sapphire. You can buy September birthstones as birthday gifts or anniversary gifts and can make a choice from different color ranges.

What are the cleaning tips for the September birthstone?

Sapphire gemstones are strong; therefore, you need not be very careful when cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners and steam can be used to clean sapphires; however, a soapy water solution will not be a good trick to maintain them. You need to be gentle with these gemstones if you wear them regularly and do not scratch them. You can store your September Birthstone Ring and jewelry in a bag or container to keep them safe. Also, do not wear your sapphire jewelry too close to each other. For instance, wear gemstone rings next to each other in order to avoid possible scratching.


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