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What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Diamond is a favorite stone for every girl, and therefore it is popularly
renowned as a woman's best friend. If you want to gift a sparkling and
beautiful diamond ring to your special one, then salt and pepper diamonds
would be an amazing choice since they look distinctive and sophisticated.

What is a salt and pepper diamond?

Diamond rings are one of the best options for wedding or engagement rings in
the jewelry world. One of the most common and popular options for an engagement ring is a white brilliant-cut round diamonds. This perfect and
flawless stone is a timeless classic; however, today, the desire and need to
create a unique and traditional piece led to the introduction of Galaxy
diamonds, also known as salt and pepper diamonds. Lab-grown salt and
pepper diamonds are environmentally friendly and are a perfect alternative to
their natural counterparts. Lab grown diamonds also cost 20 to 30% less than
naturally sourced diamonds.

What should you consider before purchasing a salt and pepper
diamond engagement ring?

If you're planning to buy a diamond for your wedding or engagement ring and
have decided to opt for salt and pepper diamonds, then you must consider the
following factors. Diamonds include traces of hematite, magnetite, and
graphite in different quantities. Such mineral deposits are due to blemishes or
inclusions in the crystalline structure of the adornment.

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  • Your Budget

Salt and pepper diamond prices are much less than white brilliant cut
diamonds. If you want to stay tight on your budget and want a bit of glamor to your engagement ring, salt and pepper diamonds will be the right option. If you are among the ones who celebrate diversity and innovation, then salt and pepper will be the right choice for you as they are uncommon and creative at the same time

  • Ring Size

To have a perfect engagement rings, you must measure your ring size correctly and stop the salt and pepper. The engagement ring that you are going for should fit your finger rightly. You can make use of the ring sizing chart and invest in a ring mandrel to get the right size salt pepper diamond engagement ring for yourself.

  • Versatility

Couples who want to opt for contemporary and vintage styles can go for salt
and pepper diamonds. They are a fashionable choice and are always on trend. Whether you are going for a maximalist or minimalist dial ring setting, the salt and pepper diamonds bill works perfectly well. Choose a reliable diamond retailer, such as New World Diamonds, while buying these diamonds. Few rings that have big imperfections can cause adverse effects on the strength or durability of the stone. New World Diamonds is a renowned jeweler that provides you with durable, beautiful, high-quality salt pepper diamond rings.


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