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How Do You Measure Ring Size?

Do you secretly want to know about your partner's ring size so you can give it to an engagement ring? Then you must be wondering about the average ring size for women. As per the gemological institute of America, the ring size for women on average is size 6.

What influences the ring size?

The ring size is influenced entirely by a woman’s knuckle size, genetics, exercise, diet, and finger length. The shortest finger on a woman’s hand is the thumb which has little room between the base and knuckle. Similarly, the middle finger is slender and longer than all the fingers. Therefore, a fitting ring that will be tighter on the thumbs will be loose on your pinky or middle finger. Different fingers come with different characteristics and ring sizes; therefore, the exact size of a ring can vary.

If you’re looking for a Man Made Diamonds ring, engagement ring, or eternity ring, then you need to understand how to measure your finger accurately and get a ring of the perfect size. The following are the trustworthy methods that help you get accurate ring sizing.

Purchase ring sizer

If you want to find out the engagement ring size of your partner or yourself and you can just buy a ring sizer for yourself. A chart that will be offered by the vendor from which you will be purchasing a ring will also help you greatly in this case. For using a ring sizer, you need to slide the ring down the mandrill, and the ring will stop on a line which will help you to note the right ring size. At New World Diamondsyou can know the ring size quickly.

Taking help from a ring size chart

If you want to know the accurate ring size, then using a ring chart will be effective and efficient. New world diamonds has a chart of its own where you can be confident and have the peace of mind to get an accurate and true ring size for your engagement ring. You need to bring this chart and keep moving the ring from circle to circle unless you find the perfect match.

Take help from jewelry stores.

If you want to know the true engagement ring size, you can visit a local jewelry store where you can learn the measurement of your ring finger. This will be an accurate measurement since you can know the finger size. However, ring sizes aren't standardized; therefore, there can be a small margin of mistakes or errors when getting the measurement.

Engagement ring sizes are not standardized and may vary from one branch to another. No universal Women's average ring size is used as a standard form, so the ring size is taken in person. You need to measure the ring size of your or your partner carefully, as the average ring size can vary.

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