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What Does the Past, Present and Future Ring Mean - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

What Does the Past, Present and Future Ring Mean

People always prefer a ring that can capture the beauty and strength of their love, irrespective of whether they are buying engagement or wedding rings, an
anniversary ring, or a promise ring. If you are looking for a ring that will symbolize your love and devotion for your beloved, there can be no other better
choice apart from past present future ring.

What does the past, present, the future ring mean?

Past, present, and future rings are the other names for elegant three-stone rings
where each stone represents love and carries a unique symbol. One stone
represents a couple's past or history; one stone represents the current
commitment, and the third stone represents the excitement and joy for the
couple for many more years to come. The three-stone ring or past-present-future
ring represents a relationship's past, present, and future and is gifted to a partner as a romantic gesture. The 3 stone ring setting is a common choice, especially for couples, and in this ring setting, you can add diamonds, gemstones, or birthstones to make it look unique. You can also style your past, present and future ring in either a simple traditional way or a boldly modern way.

Past, present future diamond ring

The most common and popular choice for three-stone rings is diamonds, and
couples prefer diamonds that represent the rarity and beauty of a relationship.
Diamonds are the ultimate representation of forever love since they are durable,
rare, and tough stones. It is up to you whether you want to go for a 3 stone ring
comprising three different gemstones or a Past, present future diamond ring.

Past, present future gemstone and birthstone ring

While choosing gemstones for past, present, and future rings, or three stone ring
settings, many couples also select birthstones to design their ring. To make their
diamonds look unique, they include their respective birthstones and a diamond
stone in the center of the ring. Many couples also incorporate the birthstone of
their new baby as a statement of beginning a new family. Many choose gemstones of their preferred colors to make their ring look personalized and meaningful.

How can you design A 3-stone ring?

When selecting three stones for your past, present, and future ring, you must
consider size, symmetry, and shape. All three Stones need not be of equal
proportion or weight. You can choose different size stones to make your ring look eye-catching and stand apart. If you are choosing a large diamond or gemstone, choose a band that will be wide enough to see your stone. For instance, you can include engraved messages on the outside and inside of the band. You can add personalized elements to your past a present and future ring to give it a creative look.

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