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Past Present Future Ring: A Modern Classic

Past Present Future Ring: A Modern Classic - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

The past present future ring holds great importance as it is considered an elegant and unique tribute to your relationship, irrespective of the point it is at. It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating years of a relationship or expressing your commitment and devotion, three stone or past, present future ring is the perfect way how you can showcase your devotion and express your love to your beloved partner.

What do you mean by a past present future ring?

The past present and future rings are a unique type known as two solitaire wedding rings. It has three main stones, and the ring will feature a center stone that will be surrounded by two small stones on either of its sides. This ring has a rich setting with love symbolism and is available in different shapes and styles. The left stone in this setting represents the past. This leftmost stone celebrates your unique journey in that both you and your partner have come together. This leftmost stone represents all sentimental memories you have celebrated over the years.

Next comes the center stone, which represents the present status of your relationship. The center stone represents your current choice and commitment to be together. The right side of the stone represents the future that both of your relationships will hold. This stone represents the adventures and memories yet to come in your life. This three-stone ring, also known as the trilogy or Trinity ring, represents father, son, and Holy Spirit for people who believe in religious matters. These Trinity rings are budget-friendly and are important for all diamond jewelry wearers. As many stones are present on this ring, the center diamond looks sparkling and is a big diamond. If you want to have a large diamond shape as your engagement ring and this will be the perfect option for you.

History of three stone rings

A famous diamond company known as D Beers popularized diamond wedding and engagement rings in 1930 and 1940. The company took the diamond market by storm when it introduced its unique three-stone engagement ring in 2001. As per the company, this three-stone ring holds the history and memories of a couple who buys them, and this ring celebrates the future that is yet to come in the life of the couple who exchanges this ring. This campaign became a huge success as it added a layer of sentiments to every couple’s life.

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