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What Birthstone in October? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

What Birthstone in October?

There are two birthstones for October, Opal, and tourmaline. The traditional
choice for October birthstones remains Opal gemstones that are unique since
each has a unique color combination. The modern October birthstone is
tourmaline and is available in beautiful rainbow colors.

What birthstone is October?

Opal and tourmaline are the two birthstones for people born in October. Opal is a popular and unique gemstone that is available in varying colors. People born in October can enjoy and commemorate their birthdays with tourmaline and opal
rings and jewelry. Both these two October birthstones are multi-colored and
radiate a wide spectrum of colors. This makes these two October birthstones
stand out from the other gemstones in the jewelry; gemstones can also be
customized to tourmaline or Opal jewelry according to your personality and style. Several jewelry options are available for October babies, from earrings to rings and pendants.

What is the meaning of the October birthstone?

The traditional birthstone for October Opal originated in India, and tourmaline is
the newly listed October birthstone. Both these are beautiful and unique
gemstones available in wide colors. Fine Opal's beauty is true, elusive, and often compared to galaxies, fireworks, volcanoes, lightning, and jellyfish. Tourmaline is available in pink colors; however, they come in a rainbow of colors like green, red, and blue. Opals are delicate gemstones, so they are commonly worn on special occasions and require proper care and maintenance.

Where are Opal and Tourmaline found?

Opal birthstones are available in many locations, such as Ethiopia, Brazil or
Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, United States, Madagascar, central Europe, Turkey, and Peru. On the other hand, Tourmaline is found in Pakistan, Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar and California.

Cleaning and caring tips

On the Mohs hardness scale, the tourmaline has been rated 7 or 7.5, so it is
generally suitable for regular wear. Tourmaline is a colorful gemstone that is
stable to withstand chemicals and light; however, prolonged heat can damage the gemstone. One of the best ways to clean this October birthstone is to use a soft brush and soapy and warm water. Using ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners must be avoided for tourmaline birthstones.

The safest way to clean opal birthstone is by using warm soapy water. Using other techniques may damage the filler or opal material. Prolonged exposure to heat and water will weaken the opal triplets and doublets. Natural opal can also
fracture if exposed to sudden or high-temperature changes and heat. On the
Mohs hardness scale, opal has been rated 5 -6.5. To prevent opal jewelry set from scratching or fracturing, keep it apart from harder gemstones, and store it
properly. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds are a few hard gemstones
that can scratch this birthstone.

Meaning and symbolism of Opal and tourmaline

Ancient Greeks considered opals as protection against diseases. According to
Europeans, opal symbolizes truth, hope, and purity. For several decades opal was thought to embody the powers and virtues of other colored gemstones. Opals are greatly valued for transforming colors into rainbow hues. Bedouins believed that opal held lightning power and fell directly from the sky at the time of the thunderstorms.

Tourmaline comes in different colors and tones; therefore, they are often
confused with other popular gemstones such as ruby and emerald. Pink, green,
orange, and blue thermal lines are available today in different parts for four
people to choose from. Historically black tourmaline was believed to protect the
wearer and provide self-confidence. It was believed that different colors and hues of tourmaline had different healing properties.


Birthstones have a special historical significance as they are linked to religion,
custom, and society. Tourmaline has been listed as an October birthstone only in
the early 1900s, whereas the traditional October birthstone history dates back to
the early 15th century.

New World Diamonds don’t sell any birthstones. This article is about providing
right information to users.

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