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Moments to Celebrate with Diamonds

We all know that diamonds are traditionally given for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays- but what about all the other celebration-worthy moments of life? We think they deserve diamonds, too — especially since our lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free, sustainable, and ethical. Why not celebrate with something sparkly that is also guilt-free? Life’s moments deserve rewards, and we’re here to explore some of those moments in which diamonds would make a great celebration gift.

  • Birthdays: Another trip around the sun definitely is cause for celebration, and those milestone birthdays we all look forward to are great times to give lab-grown diamonds. Whether it’s a stunning pair of diamond studs for your favorite 21-year-old, a diamond pendant to celebrate going “over the hill” at 40, or a sparkly diamond tennis bracelet to mark 75 years on this beautiful planet, we have options that anyone would be thrilled to open on their special day.
  • Push Gift: This is a gift given shortly after the birth of a child because carrying a whole human for 9+ months and then pushing it out is a really big deal! While there’s nothing as euphoric as holding a brand new baby, getting some beautiful diamonds would be the icing on the cake for such a special day. Since your partner made a human, you could make her a custom piece of jewelry featuring some of our gorgeous colored diamonds.
  • Work Achievements: Finally score that office with a view? It’s treat yourself time! Your success deserves something beautiful that will remind you of how hard you worked and how much you deserve the wins coming your way. It doesn’t just have to be a promotion though — it could be that you rocked an intense presentation, finished a new professional development course, or perhaps even that you retired! Celebrate the level-up with a statement ring or whatever your heart desires.  
  • Graduation: Finish your thesis? Got the yoga teacher certification you’d been wanting? Graduated from law school? These are major achievements that are oh-so-deserving of a diamond. Browse our Colored Diamond Gift Guide for ideas.
  • Whenever You Want: Really, there are SO many moments that qualify as reasons to celebrate with diamonds. Perhaps you achieved a fitness goal (ran a marathon, lost 25 pounds, whatever), or maybe you paid off a student loan. Perhaps you’ve become an empty nester and want something to celebrate all of those years of raising children. Whatever the circumstance, you’ll be glad that you chose to commemorate your accomplishment with something beautiful that lasts forever. And, know that psychology fully supports the idea of treating yourself, too — for mental health reasons like stress reduction, improved happiness, and rejuvenation.

Celebrating life helps us all to become happier, less stressed humans, and choosing sustainable, ethical lab-grown diamonds makes it that much sweeter. Our diamonds have origin stories that you can be proud to tell when you share the story of your moment that led you to one of our dazzling diamonds. For more gift-giving inspo, check out this Gift Guide for Them or this Gift Guide for Yourself.

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