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Colored Diamond Gift Guide - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Colored Diamond Gift Guide

Colored diamonds offer an incomparable, unique beauty that has memorized people for over a century. But behind their beauty is also an interesting history as well as a cool creation process. And, it’s fair to point out that buying a colored lab-grown diamond is much more cost effective than buying a mined colored diamond, as they’re rarer in nature than white diamonds. Also, lab-created colored diamonds come in colors that you’d never find in a mined diamond! In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at where colored diamonds come from and how they’re created in the lab, as well as share some of our favorite-colored diamonds.


Where Do Colored Mined Diamonds Come From?

To mine a colored diamond is pretty rare, with only 1 of 10,000 diamonds that are mined being colored. This is due to the crystallization process that creates colored diamonds; essentially, when there’s a “glitch” in the process like a foreign object becoming trapped, it affects the chemical process and creates colors in the diamond.  Interestingly, different colors are known to form in different parts of the world. For example, purple mined diamonds originate in Northern Asia, while blue mined diamonds come from Southern Asia. Orange mined diamonds come from Africa, pink from Australia, and green from South America!


How are Colored Diamonds Created in the Lab?

Amazingly, the same process that nature uses to make Earth-formed diamonds is replicated in the lab to create colored lab-grown diamonds — and it all has to do with mixing elements with Carbon. “The slightest quirk creates a colored diamond: a bit of boron makes a blue diamond; nitrogen makes a yellow diamond; natural radiation from nearby rocks trap electrons to create a green surface color; pink or red shades are thought to be due to changes to the electron structure during the voyage to the surface.” If you’re really interested in chemistry, then you can see the exact elements that form various colors here. At New World Diamonds, we love experimenting with new colors to offer the most unique lab-created diamonds available!

Top Picks


0.5 Carat Orange Diamond Stud Earrings | 14K Rose Gold: Looking for bold? These bursts of orange make a visual statement that other jewelry doesn’t. They’re perfect for the creative in your life who doesn’t conform to the status quo!


1.5 Carat Pink Diamond Stud Earrings | 14K White Gold: How gorgeous are these icy pink diamonds? If you’re into symbolism, pink represents femininity, romance, and tenderness, and pink diamonds symbolize love, creativity, and romance. We think that makes them perfect for the significant other in your life...or just for anyone who loves pink!

olive eternity band 

2.5 Carat Olive Diamond Eternity Band | 14K White Gold: Nothing says “Diamonds are forever” as a stunning eternity band. This olive color is classic but versatile, and if you prefer a brighter color, we can customize the band with hues of pink and orange diamonds as well.

These picks just scratch the surface of our colored lab-created diamonds. See our whole collection of colored loose stones here or browse our other earrings and rings.

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