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Knowing About Gray Diamonds

Knowing About Gray Diamonds - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Gray Diamonds are a stunning diamond that represents the classic bridal style. Gray diamonds are rare-colored fancy diamond which is relatively unknown to many. Gray diamonds are rarer compared to blue and yellow diamonds. They come in various shapes and shades, from dramatic to dark to silvery and light-colored. Gray diamonds having a speckled design is known as salt and pepper diamond, whereas metallic deep blue hue colored gray diamonds are known as Galaxy diamond.

How are grey diamonds formed?

Gray diamonds are believed to be formed when they come in direct contact with which levels of boron and hydrogen at the time of their formation. The introduction of the diamond with these elements brings a change in the color and structure of the stone, thereby producing different intensities and hues of grey. Diamond lovers have preferred colorless and crystal-clear stones for decades. This is the reason why gray diamonds were mainly wasted and left unwanted. It was only when people belonging to the US started embracing the stunning beauty of grey diamonds the wastage of these beautiful diamonds began reducing. Gray Lab Grown Diamonds are conflict-free and bear the same look as natural gray diamonds. A diamond will turn Gray when it reacts with boron and hydrogen; therefore, the grey diamond's final saturation tone and hue will largely depend on the interactivity level of the diamond with these elements at the time of the formation.

Do lab-grown gray diamonds sparkle and shine?

Like any other diamond, gray diamonds sparkle after catching the light and even glow and shine. If you want a sparkling gray diamond in your engagement ring, then you can opt for the customized gray ring, which will include white or yellow gray diamonds in the halo ring setting or in the ring band, which will make your ring sparkle even more.

Why are gray diamonds expensive?

Gray diamonds are expensive because they are extremely rare. Due to their rarity nature and relatively unknown reason for lower demand, the price of gray demands is close to colorless diamonds. Gray diamonds, which include salt and pepper, and Galaxy diamonds, are growing in popularity. 

How can you wear a gray diamond?

Gray Diamond Ring is an incredible alternative wedding ring style. Gray diamonds are well known for their simple as well as mysterious characteristics. They are rare and offer a unique fashion statement with an elegant style and look. Gray diamonds, like clear colorless diamonds, can fit seamlessly for any person, irrespective of skin tone or outfit. While purchasing a gray diamond shape, you need to consider the 4C's of your diamond and ensure that the vendor from where you are purchasing holds diamond appraisals and certifications.

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