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FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on orders over $50

Design Your Diamond Jewelry with New World Diamonds

Shopping for diamond jewelry or any type of jewelry, in general, is a huge dilemma for most women. There are countless varieties and choices you can choose from, and that can often leave you feeling confused about what to choose. Oftentimes, a lot of us already have a particular design in mind, however, that design may not always be available at the jewelry store we are shopping our diamond jewelry from. But, with New World Diamonds, this problem of yours has a solution.

New World Diamonds gives you the opportunity to design your own diamond jewelry the way you want. Yes, you read that right, our lab grown diamonds are customizable. Hence, we present to you the option of customizing and designing your engagement rings, pendants and necklaces with brilliant CVD diamonds. From choosing the metal to the diamond’s colors, style, and size, you can easily customize your jewelry.

Here's how you can go about the process of designing/customizing your diamond jewelry with New World Diamonds:

  • Choose the Setting

Any jewelry is set in a metal setting which can be either of gold, platinum or silver. With us, you get the complete freedom to choose the setting you are most comfortable in. If you like the color of gold, then you can choose from yellow gold  or rose gold color. You can also choose the design of the setting you want your diamonds to be set in.

  • Choose Your Diamond

Once you choose the setting you can move forward to choosing the diamond that you want. Color, shape, size and carat weight are a few factors that you can customize according to your desire with us. For instance, if you want a pink heart-shaped diamond of 1.5 carats, we can create one exactly per your specifications. Since we produce lab grown diamonds in a laboratory you can get unique colored diamonds easily. New World Diamonds also offers orange, pink and brown diamonds for sale, so don't miss out on an amazing opportunity of getting your hands on the best diamonds at great prices.

  • Mix and Match

We also have various jewelry design options available, so you can browse from our collection and mix and match it with your style. For instance, if you like a certain ring design, we can get it customized for you with your preferred choice of diamond.

This is how you can seamlessly design your diamond jewelry with New World Diamonds. So get going and grab your lab diamonds and start designing today to create the jewelry set of your dreams.

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