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How To Easily Save Costs When Buying Diamonds

If you want to be a smart diamond buyer, there are some tips and tricks that you need to take into consideration. To invest in diamonds is a smart choice. It is obvious for you to feel the want to buy a diamond, but if you are on a budget, you might get a little skeptical. No need to worry about that anymore. There are several ways you can save your money while buying diamonds. To know more, we have several tips mentioned below that we are sure will help you save your money.

  1. Carat does not mean size

People often think that a 1.00-carat diamond is bigger in size than a 0.80-carat. This isn’t the truth. Diamond carat is related to the weight of the diamond. It does not mean size in any way. If you want to know the real carat and weight of the diamond, always make sure to look into your certificate. There you will find all the necessary measurements of the diamond.

  1. Pay attention to the color

There are many colors of diamonds and they all vary from one another. As we all know, color plays an important role in deciding the value of the diamond. If you are on a budget, go for grey, yellow, and green diamonds. You will find many color options in the brilliant CVD  diamonds. It is said that the most expensive colored diamond is red. They come in a very fancy intensity. There are brown diamonds too that will fit your budget. Occasionally, there are brown diamonds for sale at some stores. 

  1. Low clarity can save a penny or two

You can examine the clarity of the tiniest diamond. If you want to save some money, go for a diamond that has the least defect in clarity. This will be noticeable only if you look at it under a microscope.

  1. Focus on the shape of the diamond

It is not necessary that your diamond must be round. A diamond is a diamond, right? Be it round or heart-shaped. There are some diamond shapes that will go hand-in-hand with your budget and they are oval, pear, heart-shaped, and radiant.

  1. Choosing a good craftsman

A man who has experience in the diamond setting field will make you one gorgeous diamond ring. He will know how to maximize the potential of the diamond and hence you will save money.

These are the ways you can save your money while buying a diamond. Take these into consideration and become a smart buyer.

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