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Fancy Lab Created Colored Diamonds at New World Diamonds

If there is anything that makes your loved ones swoon, its diamonds. While the lure of diamonds rarely fades, the popularity of colored diamonds is slowly getting its due notice and celebration. As traditional diamonds closely becoming passé, Lab Created Colored Diamonds are paving the way for a more ethical and sustainable diamonds.


White diamonds have for far too long dominated the engagement rings scene. However, buyers now understand better that there is more value in the fancy lab created Colored Diamonds. What says eternal love better than the beauty, uniqueness and rarity of a Lab Grown Yellow Diamonds?


When you venture down the road of handpicking colored diamonds for your loved ones, it’s crucial to understand the major differences at play. Buying white diamonds may essentially come down to its cut, clarity and carat alone. It’s a different ball game altogether with colored diamonds. What makes these so unique, and often times subjective to those buying, is the strength and vividness of the color. Rarity of the color too contributes strongly on the overall value of the colored diamonds you plan to invest in.


Over the past few years, Lab Grown Colored Yellow Diamonds have found itself a wider demand. Its brightness, beauty and fire-like gleam make it highly desirable.  In naturally occurring diamonds, the coloration in diamonds is caused when nitrogen atoms substitute carbon. This defect causes diamond to selectively absorb blue light and selectively transmit yellow. The same process is replicated when creating Lab Grown Yellow Diamonds. The advantage remains in the highly sustainable and ethical practices used in the creation process.


New World Diamonds are the forerunners in the lab-grown diamond industry, bringing you a wide range of ethically created, cruelty-free and eco-conscious diamonds. Find your favorite Lab Created Colored Diamonds on the New World Diamonds website today.

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