Who Says Diamonds Can't Be Colorful?

Our Lab-grown, certified colored diamonds open up a world of possibilities.

Imagine a Rare, One-of-a-kind Shade, With All of the Qualities of a Diamond– Because It Is One. Discover the Diamond That's As Unique As Your Love.


Classic, but far from traditional, New World’s lab-grown white diamonds give you more of what you’ve always imagined.

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Blue diamonds are caused by the presence of boron in the crystal during the growing process – the more boron, the deeper the hue.

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Pink diamonds can be delicate and strong, ranging in color from very light pink to reddish purple, purplish-red, pink-purple, orange-red, and more.

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Purple diamonds are actually quite rare, even for lab-grown diamonds. Purple diamonds begin as pink and grow darker over time during the growing process.

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From cheerful citrus to warm amber, orange diamonds grow in a wide range of brilliant, earthy shades.

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Intriguingly mysterious, smokey diamonds make a gorgeously unconventional center diamond in a ring or jewelry.

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The beauty of olive diamonds is found in the subtle hue changes when looking closely—perfectly unpredictable.

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Black diamonds summon images of luxury, pleasure and mystique. Black diamonds absorb light and shine in a completely unexpected and memorable way.

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Diamonds strike everyone in their own way.

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A Purchase You Can Feel Good About.

Our lab-grown diamonds are inspected and certified by IGI and IGL.

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