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Will Lab Created Diamonds Rule The World In The Coming Years?

Diamonds are loved and cherished by everyone, and today with the availability of lab grown diamonds it is quite affordable and hassle-free to get your hands on some of the best quality real diamonds. Labs created diamonds are the exact equivalent of their mined counterparts. This means they have the same chemical structure, physical characteristics and optical structure as that of a natural diamond.

With the growing popularity of lab grown diamonds, a lot of people are inclined towards them and are ready to invest in these shining stones. This is because of the advantages that lab grown diamonds have over natural earth-mined diamonds. People who are environmentally conscious and want to do their bit towards conserving the environment choose lab grown diamonds because these diamonds are ethically created, do not violate the earth's ecological balance and are a better alternative to mining. Additionally, one can save up to 40% when shopping for a lab created diamond. The difference in cost is because natural diamond requires mining, labor and a lot of physical and mechanical processes. Besides, they are also priced higher because of the long supply chain. However, that is not the case of lab diamonds as there are a lot of diamond marketplaces like New World Diamonds that produce their own diamonds hence do not include any third party in between. Hence the costs are lower.

There are also a lot of celebrities in Hollywood that have personally endorsed lab grown diamonds because of their ecological benefits. Meghan Markle was spotted boasting a pair of lab grown diamond earrings that looked stunning, while lady Gaga wore a pair of cluster earrings made from brilliant cut lab grown diamonds.

The Final Verdict

Lab grown diamonds have put people in awe because of their amazing characteristics, low price and eco-friendly nature. These diamonds are versatile so people can choose from a wide range of options when shopping for lab grown diamonds. One of the most popular shapes of lab diamonds is the radiant cut lab diamond that is sought after. Lab grown colored diamonds are also in trend as they cost a little lesser than natural colored diamonds and are brilliant in every way. Hence, looking at the ongoing trends and popularity of lab created diamonds it is quite safe to say that these diamonds are here for the long run and can be seen ruling the world and the diamond industry in the coming years.

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