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Why Should You Consider Marquise Engagement Rings?

Why Should You Consider Marquise Engagement Rings? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Why Should You Consider Marquise Engagement Rings?

Marquise cut engagement ring, or Marquise diamond engagement ring, is one of the best designs of engagement rings in the market. This type of engagement ring is getting popular day by day. There are several reasons why marquise engagement rings are trending. In this blog, we will discuss why your choice consider marquise engagement rings. Read more to know:

What is the Marquise cut?

The marquise cut is a popular style of diamond or gemstone cut used in jewelry, characterized by its distinctive elongated shape with pointed ends. It is often referred to as the "navette" cut, which means "little ship" in French, due to its resemblance to the hull of a boat.

The marquise cut typically features 56 facets, creating a brilliant sparkle and maximizing the reflection of light. This cut is designed to create an illusion of greater size, as the elongated shape can make the stone appear larger than its actual carat weight. The unique shape of the marquise cut can also help accentuate the wearer's finger, making it appear more slender.

While the marquise cut is known for its elegance and versatility, it's important for jewelers to carefully consider the symmetry of the cut to ensure that both pointed ends are aligned and the shape is balanced. Improperly cut marquise stones can exhibit a "bow-tie" effect, where a dark area resembling a bow tie is visible in the center of the stone due to light leakage.

Overall, the marquise cut is a beautiful and distinctive choice for engagement rings, pendants, earrings, and other jewelry pieces, offering a unique and timeless aesthetic.

Benefits of the Marquise Cut

Elongated Appearance

The marquise cut's elongated shape can create the illusion of longer and more slender fingers when worn as a ring. This flattering effect can make the wearer's hand appear more elegant and refined.

Optical Illusion of Size

The elongated shape of the marquise cut can make the stone appear larger than its actual carat weight. This can be an appealing option for those looking for a visually impressive stone without the higher cost associated with larger carat sizes.

Unique and Distinctive

The marquise cut is less common than traditional cuts like round or princess cuts. Choosing a marquise cut allows you to stand out with a unique and distinctive piece of jewelry that catches the eye.

Versatile Settings

The marquise cut's shape lends itself well to a variety of settings. It can be set horizontally or vertically, and it complements various types of settings such as solitaire, three-stone, halo, and side stone settings.

Brilliant Sparkle

The numerous facets of the marquise cut are strategically placed to maximize the stone's brilliance and sparkle, creating a dazzling and eye-catching effect.

Historical and Regal Connection

The marquise cut has a rich history dating back to the 18th century, often associated with royalty and elegance. Choosing a marquise-cut stone can add a sense of timeless beauty and historical significance to your jewelry.

Creative Design Opportunities

The unique shape of the marquise cut allows for creative design opportunities. It can be paired with other diamond shapes or used as a centerpiece in intricate and artistic jewelry designs.

Finger Flattering

The elongated shape of the marquise cut can visually elongate the wearer's finger, making it an attractive choice for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces.

Symbolic Meanings

Like other diamond shapes, the marquise cut can carry symbolic meanings. It can represent themes such as endurance, love, and uniqueness, adding an extra layer of significance to your chosen piece.

Potential Investment

While no one can predict the future market value of specific diamonds or gemstones, the unique and enduring nature of the marquise cut could potentially hold or increase its value over time.

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