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Why Pave Diamond Ring Setting is So Popular Today - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Why Pave Diamond Ring Setting is So Popular Today

Lab-grown diamond jewelry is increasingly gaining momentum and grabbing the eyeballs for its unique shine. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to shimmer in the most graceful designs that come at a good deal and are being responsibly created! As lab-grown diamonds got in fashion, different diamond jewelry styles surfaced to allure us with fine, dazzling diamond pieces of jewelry.

Extra Sparkle Extra Elegance

Pave the way for a pave lab-grown diamond ring setting that has stirred the emotions of one and all with its enticing beauty and mesmerizing style. A pave lab-grown diamond ring setting caught the attention of the front row diamond buyers initially and took off, becoming one of the most revered diamond ring styles.

A pave setting engagement ring style is for those who love the modern charm without loading too much on themselves. Designed to excellence, a pave diamond ring setting style comes with a lined diamond band that offers extra sparkle for extra elegance. To highlight the grandiose shine of the center solitaire, an array of small diamonds make the sparkling base, also called the ring’s shank.

What Makes Pave Setting - Modern Shimmer

In pave diamond ring setting, the shank of the lab-grow diamond ring is lined with petite diamonds looking like continuous beads or an array of fine sterling diamonds. These diamonds are set in a prong style to increase the prominence of the diamonds and make them appear noticeable and gorgeous.

  • A pave setting is a perfect choice for every diamond ring style. Fine intricate diamonds add depth and scale up the grandeur of the ring.
  • A pave ring setting brings attention to the center stone. The small diamonds on the shank of the ring accentuate the glamour of the center solitaire, making it appear bigger and brighter.
  • The intricate and unique pave setting design adds to the overall brilliance and shine of the ring, imparting an impeccable charm and style to the wearer.
  • A pave ring setting style offers an extra sparkle to the metal, making the ring appear rich and luxurious. Also, a pave ring setting comes in both modern and vintage styles catering to the choices of all.

New World Diamonds, a lab-grown diamond company, offers exclusive pave ring contemporary and vintage-inspired designs. Making luxury affordable, all of our lab diamond engagement ring designs are made to tell a story that holds the best of time in an attempt to serve you the most profound sparkle. To reach our lab grown diamonds online, visit our online store, and here we are to adorn you with the best shimmer!

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