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Why Men's Emerald Wedding Band Perfect for Your Wedding? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Why Men's Emerald Wedding Band Perfect for Your Wedding?

Diamond wedding rings have been a tradition for quite some time now. But in today's era, people are shifting to colored stone rings instead. When it comes to wedding bands, diamond is preferred, but lately, men are opting for colored gem rings like sapphire and emerald. It has come to our observation that many groom-to-be are choosing emerald wedding bands. In this blog, we will be taking a look at men's emerald wedding bands. Read on to learn more about men's emerald wedding rings here:

Diamond wedding bands are still in high demand, but lately, men have been opting for colored stones like rubies and emeralds as their wedding bands. Clear emeralds are usually sold at high rates. If the stone has yellowish or blue shades, it is not an emerald. It would be green beryl. Authenticate emeralds are some of the best stones in the world. At New World Diamonds, you will find the best and most authentic men's emerald wedding bands.

Men usually go with colored stones in comparison to women during weddings. And it is trending in this decade. Notable emeralds come from Colombia, as some of the biggest emeralds have come from the same. Men's emerald wedding bands can range from $100 to $1000 and above. Emeralds come in various shapes. Some of the well-known emerald cuts are princess cut,  sunflower cut, Asscher cuts, etc. Usually, men go for square cuts and
French-cut emeralds.

The namesake Emerald cut is one of the most sold cuts in the market. In contrast, cushion and oval are some of the less popular emerald designs at New World Diamonds. But they are making their mark in the new world. Let's talk about the color of the Emerald gem. In gemology, which is the study of gems, color is divided into three segments. Components like hue, saturation, and tone are considered while choosing a perfect emerald at New World Diamonds. As previously mentioned, stones that have blueish shades may not be an emerald, emerald themselves can naturally occur in yellow-green to blue-green hue.

Emerald usually has high saturation. When it comes to diamonds, the loupe standard is used to grade the quality. In contrast, emeralds are graded by eyes. If there are no inclusions in the emerald, it is graded high in quality. But you need not worry about the standards and grade quality of emeralds. We at New World Diamonds make sure that we only produce the best grade of emeralds. We know what our customers require, and we provide only the best.

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