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Why CVD Diamonds are getting so popular; what are the Benefits?

Lab grown diamonds are now changing the old saying, 'The Diamond is the Girl's Best Friend.’ Now Lab grown diamonds are girls' best friends.

Experts may argue over this, but jewelers and diamond admirers around the world are getting aware of the fact that lab grown diamonds that are chemically identical to mined diamonds are now emerging as the new face of abiding love.

Today, remarkable pieces of jewelry are now made with lab grown diamonds. There are many reasons why these diamonds are increasing in popularity day by day.

Lab grown diamonds are made with two popular methods – CVD i.e. Chemical Vapor Deposition and HPHT i.e. High Pressure Hight Temperature and today, we are going to explain to you why CVD diamonds are beneficial and how CVD diamond jewelry is so fascinating.

Purer and improved quality of lab-grown diamonds

CVD diamonds have greater purity than the mined diamonds because unlike natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds don't have any dirt or impurities inborn within them. They are also less defective and show lesser signs of strain in their structure, as they are made with care in labs with CVD methods. Better purity means that the diamonds are brighter, whiter, and better. In fact, a large portion of lab grown CVD diamonds have a higher purity index that their natural identical - mined diamonds.

Guaranteed origins and guilt-free composition

Most diamond experts favor being aware of the journey of mined diamonds from their roots to their acquisition. Sadly, the origins of most natural diamonds can be questionable, as they come from conflict regions. Often called ‘blood diamonds,’ these mined jewels have a shaded background and may have been sold to fund armed disputes or civil violence. Yet diamonds that aren’t originated from conflict area might bring a history of teenage labor, human rights violation, and poor working environment. CVD lab grown diamonds, however, have a distinct history and have a guaranteed, verifiable source.

Affordability and availability

Naturally grown diamonds with colors have their own extravagant value due its rarity and people are crazy about naturally colored diamonds. What happens with CVD diamonds is, they are available in numerous colors that too in fine patterns and shades than the natural ones. Normally CVD diamonds or lab grown diamonds are available for a fraction of the cost of the mined ones but with the same quality and chemical formations.

So, what do you need more?

CVD diamonds available with New World Diamonds are specially created in an in-house facility and our experts are specialized in crafting CVD diamond jewelry for our keen customers.

Explore the range of CVD diamonds and jewelry with our collection.

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