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Where is Jackie Kennedy's Engagement Ring Now?

Where is Jackie Kennedy's Engagement Ring Now? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Jackie Kennedy's engagement ring, also known as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's, is pricey and one of the most expensive diamonds worldwide. Jacqueline Kennedy is renowned for being the most gorgeous first lady, with her emerald diamond ring celebrated as an iconic ring.

Where is Jackie Kennedy's engagement ring?

Jackie Kennedy Onassis's ring was auctioned off for $2.6 million in 1996, and it
was second engagement ring of Jackie. This remarkable unique ring will cost you around 200 million dollars today. Jackie Kennedy's emerald ring was gifted by former president John F Kennedy in Boston.

The famous Jackie Kennedy emerald ring

John F Kennedy proposed to his girlfriend Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, also
referred to as Jackie, at a restaurant over a romantic dinner in Boston with a
green emerald bright diamond ring with two Princess-cut stones. Many stones in
the ring are in Marquise cut, and even today, this ring is considered the most
unique and popular celebrity engagement rings. In 1951 John F Kennedy
proposed to her with this ring, and by 1953, they were engaged. Jackie
Kennedy's wedding ring features a 2.88-carat diamond and a 2.84-carat
various shaped diamonds, crafted from 18-karat yellow gold and has a bright,
unique design that matches a colorful and classic style.

History of Jackie Kennedy's engagement ring

Jackie Kennedy is renowned for her iconic sense of fashion and personality.
While some people remember her for her political career, many are amazed by
her massive collection of jewelry pieces. Her alluring and fashionable
engagement ring that John F Kennedy gifted has garnered attention across the
globe, and even today, she is popular for her jewelry collection. Jackie Kennedy's emerald ring is the most expensive and beautiful ring of her time. The Emerald ring had a flowery look and was created by Van Cleef & Arpels of the French jewelry company. It is also said that in 1963, Jackie redesigned the ring and added more diamond stones. A 2.12 carat of diamonds and marquise diamonds made the engagement ring around 8 carats of emeralds and diamonds.

Jacqueline Kennedy's engagement ring by her second husband
After John F Kennedy's death, Jackie got engaged to Aristotle Onassis, who gifted her a beautiful piece of diamond ring. Her first ring was considered the epitome of love and affection, and the second ring that her second husband, Aristotle, gifted her was a show-stopper. The second engagement ring was a jaw-dropping Marquise cut 40.42-carat weight diamond called Lesotho III, a renowned South African brown diamond. Jackie Kennedy was renowned for owning a huge collection of jewelry that inspired women worldwide.

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