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Where do lab-created diamonds come from?

The new year brings in promises galore. In every new beginning, there is also the possibility of an unwavering positivity and belief that we can affect change. While diets, fashion choices and exercise constitute as top favorites, buying habits too make up for some. 

As we make a move towards a more sustainable and value-based world, authenticity takes center-stage. The jewelry we buy therefore comes under immense scrutiny. As you make your way into 2021, it’s important that you understand and make choices of more eco-friendly, conscious and ethically produced jewelry. 

Lab Created Diamonds are pioneering piece of jewelry that are slowly, yet consistently taking over the diamond industry. They are in its physical, chemical and optical composition exactly like naturally occurring diamonds. What separates them from their counterparts is that they, instead of being mined from below the earth, are created in laboratories. Under specialized guidance, scientists and experts replicate earth’s temperature and pressure required to form diamonds at the earth’s core, at authorized labs. These simulated conditions, matched with extensive care, precaution and regulations lead to the creation of what are now popularly known as lab created diamonds. 

These diamonds are, in all shapes and form exactly like naturally occurring diamonds. To the naked eye, they cannot be compared to fault. This is because they are both in their raw form— carbon— that has been melded and carefully crafted to form diamonds. What makes these more valuable in a world that is presently faced with umpteen environmental crisis, is that it is highly environment friendly, thus reducing your carbon footprint. Lab grown diamonds also benefit from the cruelty-free extraction process that otherwise plagues the naturally occurring diamond industry. With the knowledge that the lab created diamonds come with an ethically sourced marque to it, one is more often than not drawn to it. An added bonus is the light price tag attached to the lab created diamonds. Without the monopoly driven by the large conglomerates that control the diamond industry, lab grown diamonds shed a refreshing light on the value of diamonds. At a fraction of the cost, one can now possess beautiful pieces of jewelry that are incredibly light on the pocket.

So, as you venture out into the world looking to make an investment into a piece of jewelry that makes a statement, ask yourself, what statement do you want it to make. For young couples, let it show the commitment of a lifetime, older couples renewing their vows, let it be a show of your partnership for eternity and for someone simply indulging in self-love, let your lab created diamonds show its strength through effortless quality and elegance.

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