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What Month is the Amethyst Birthstone?

The amethyst birthstone represents the month of February and is a symbol of
love and royalty. Historically amethyst birthstone was reserved especially for only the royal family. This February birthstone has been associated with folklore for centuries. Amethyst is a royal edition that royal families across Asia and Europeonce wore. But today, this birthstone is accessible by the common man and is available in abundance. It is associated with Aquarius Zodiac sign.

Which month is the amethyst birthstone?

The amethyst birthstone month is February. A purple gemstone that belongs to
the mineral species of quartz and is considered to give strength, clarity, and
protection against evil energies. February-born people wear amethyst as rings or other jewelry options like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, and people believe that this gemstone gives. them personal empowerment and inner strength.

Meaning of February birthstone

The name comes from amethystos, a Greek word that means remedy or
protection against drunkenness. Greeks believe that wearing this beautiful
gemstone makes people clear-headed and quick-witted in all aspects of life.
Having a wine-like color, this Amethyst birthstone is linked to Bacchus, a God of
wine. This gemstone is traditionally gifted to married couples to commemorate
their sixth marriage anniversary. Amethyst is believed to be associated with many mystical powers and provides the wearer with wit and strength. It also has
amazing healing effects and offers strength and wisdom to the wearer. Rubbing
moistened birthstone amethyst on pimples and acne is believed to provide
amazing results. Gifting an amethyst ring or jewelry option to loved ones is also a sign of love and forgiveness.

History of amethyst

Prominent historical figures and monarchs believed that amethyst granted clarity
and wisdom. From ancient Greek to Egypt, this gemstone has made a significant name throughout history. It has also become a central gemstone in Christian Church that the Catholic Church. This gemstone's deep purple color is cherished and associated with Jesus Christ. The stone symbolizes modesty and humility and has been worn by sovereigns and monarchs. Catherine, the Great of Russia, was one of the most notable sovereigns to celebrate and adorn this beautiful gemstone. Nowadays, this gemstone is available in naturally mined amethyst and lab-grown amethyst forms.

Metaphysical and healing properties

The color of amethyst is purple and belongs to the quartz family; therefore, it
comes with several metaphysical and healing properties. It is a popular stone for
different spiritual purposes. For instance, people believe that wearing this
gemstone provides a balance between the soul and mind and boosts confidence in a person. The birthstone for February month has many calming properties and
helps to reduce feelings of stress from depression and anxiety. It is also believed
that amethyst relieves digestive discomfort, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and
water retention if it is worn regularly.

Sources of amethyst

Shining with a rich deep purple amethyst, February birthstone is one of the most
prized and royal gemstones throughout history. Although the primary color of
this birthstone is purple today, this gemstone is available in different colors and
tones, from a light pinkish shade to a deep purple shade. Sometimes, the
secondary tone of blue or red can also be visible in this stone. The main sources
of amethyst birthstones are in Brazil, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Siberia, and Uruguay.
Amethyst is the most popular purple gemstone in the jewelry world.

Myths and legends

There are no second birthstones for February as amethyst is the only gemstone
for February, according to ancient times and the current list of birthstones. It is
one of the most beautiful gemstones with powerful, soothing healing properties.
Although it has a specific relation with Christian Church, this beautiful birthstone
has played a crucial role in different religions. For example, this gemstone was
believed to be utilized in the breastplate of Aaron and instilled courage among
warriors according to the Judaism religion. Unlike other gemstones, amethyst
jewelry provides great value for money, and you can find affordable amethyst
jewelry at any price point.

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