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What is the most durable Engagement Ring setting?

Let us talk diamonds, shall we? Among the many nuanced choices, you have made about the shape, style, size, color when picking out an engagement ring for your partner, the engagement ring setting will be the crowning glory.

The setting radically affects the overall look of the ring, which is why it is of utmost importance to take finer details into consideration. The more deep-dive you make in to the setting types, the more options you will find available to match the setting as per yours or your partner’s liking. Remember, in case you are opting for one of the custom lab grown diamond rings as your engagement ring, you can indulge further in setting customization.

Prong, halo, channel, invisible, and bezel are among some of the most classic and popular engagement ring settings. Each of these have their own set of pros and cons that ones can delve into, but in reality, what must be considered is how the person wearing this ring is going to carry it with them for eternity. If we are to assess the durability of each of the engagement rings critically, prong setting by far gets accolades for being extremely safe— given that it quite visibly protects the diamond on the ring from sharply angled corners. However, for people who use their hands a lot during their everyday lives, this setting is likely to snag or put the diamond at risk of loss or even damage it. For such individuals, the bezel setting should come as a natural choice. Its clean and modern look covers the diamond enough and yet keeps it secured from everyday hassles.

If the look you are going for is the radiance, dazzle and glamour of multiple diamonds, one can opt for the halo or perhaps the invisible setting. When creating the ring in these settings, be mindful that an expert jeweler makes them, lest, you are left with loosely fitted diamonds. For those looking for the more wedding band styled best of both worlds — security and style, the Channel settings could be the one for you. It embeds each of the diamonds perfectly into line and keeps them from being knocked out, and are best suited for people with more active lifestyles.

These options are not just limited to pre-designed engagement ring settings. You can choose to go down the custom lab grown diamond rings road and still choose from these engagement ring settings.

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