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What is the December Birthstone?

There are three birthstones for December babies: tanzanite, turquoise, and zircon. All these three birthstones have a deep blue color.

What is a December birthstone?

December birthstones refer to the three popular gemstones: the striking tanzanite, the intricate turquoise, and the classic zircon. Each December birthstone color represents a different meaning or message. Turquoise symbolizes good fortune and safeguards against harmful stop tanzanite represents magic, mystery, and majesty. The meaning of tanzanite varies according to the color. The darker the hue, the more powerful the meaning will be. Indigo tanzanite symbolizes intuition, purity, intellect, and heart, while dark tanzanite represents loyalty since it has a rich, deep, colorful zircon. On the other hand, turquoise represents prosperity, self-confidence, and honor.
Blue zircon symbolizes a clear way to wisdom and purity of the mind.

Which birthstone for December should you choose?

Each December birthstone provides unique characteristics, and it depends
entirely on your taste and preference for which December birthstone you

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The first birthstone for December is turquoise, a gem widely known for its
intricate range and vibrant blue hue. Unlike tanzanite, which is translucent,
turquoise is opaque and turquoise birthstone is a representation of the 11th
marriage anniversary. The history of this gemstone dates back to ancient
Egyptian civilization when Pharaohs wore this gemstone. Turquoise comes
from New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Iran. You can wear December
turquoise birthstone as a pendant or ring. It has a bohemian appearance and
goes well with any type of metal.


Tanzanite represents the 24th marriage anniversary and is a vibrant and
radiant gemstone with different hues, such as violet and intense blue.
Tanzanite gemstone is a newcomer to the list of December birthstones. The
prime distributor of tanzanite is Tiffani and co. Merelani hills are the only
mining location for tanzanite, and tanzanite prices are climbing in the market
because of the dwindling tanzanite supply. It is relatively stronger than turquoise, so it is suitable for regular use. You can wear tanzanite pendants, rings, bracelets, or earrings on any occasion.


Zircon is the third birthstone for December, and this underrated and brilliant gem comes with a rich history that dates back to 4.4 billion years ago. Zircon is often confused with a diamond simulant known as cubic zirconia. It has a rich brilliance which makes it appear like a diamond. A productive mining location
for this birthstone is Elahera, situated in Sri Lanka. Harts Range in Australia
also mines zircon. Zircon Hill, situated in Australia, is another home of Zircon.
Apart from Australia and Sri Lanka, Zircon is also mined in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Its high strength makes it a perfect gemstone for everyday wear, such as necklaces, rings, and earrings.

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