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What is July's Birthstone? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

What is July's Birthstone?

The birthstone for people born in July is Ruby. This July Birthstone belongs to
the red variety of the corundum gem group. This group already includes
sapphires and emerald diamonds. Rubies are quite similar to sapphires; their
name comes from the dominant red color. The word Ruby is derived from the
Latin name ruber, meaning red.

What is July's birthstone?

The birthstone that represents July month is Ruby. Ruby is known as the king of
colored stones, and historically, this gemstone has been a preferred and favorite
gemstone of warriors and royalty. Ruby is a vibrant red gemstone associated
closely with passion, romance, and love. While buying This July Birthstone, you
will get many affordable options. However, the largest and the most vibrant and
beautifully colored Rubies can be expensive and sold at a higher price value.

History of Rubies

Ruby gemstone has played a crucial role throughout history. They were highly
valued by warriors and royal families worldwide and were once believed to
provide additional strength and protection. Apart from being the birthstone for
July, Rubies are also presented as valuable gifts to be given to loved ones and
close ones on the 40th marriage anniversary. Unlike other popular birthstones,
Rubies are comparatively rare. When buying Birthstone for July jewelry, the most important factor that must be considered is the stone's color, tone, and saturation.

Color of Ruby

July's birthstone color is radiant red, and due to its rich red shade, this gemstone
is highly valued today. Similar to any other colored gemstone, the color of this
July birthstone is also evaluated based on three main factors tone, saturation,
and hue. The best quality Ruby comes with a red hue, vivid saturation, and a
medium dark tone. Some Rubies can also have orange, pink, and purple
undertones. The best and highest quality Ruby is called a pigeon's blood and is
also pricey. Ruby gems are highly sought-after and rare gemstones because of
their predominant red and purple tones. The main reason why this gemstone is
red is that it includes chromium elements in its chemical composition. A higher
amount of chromium will give a rich red color. Their color tone determines the
value of Rubies. Ruby's deep red color will cost more than a light red shade of
Ruby stone. Rubies weighing more than one carat are rare and greatly valued.

Meaning and symbolism

The red color of this gem is associated with love and passion, so it is a favorite gift choice for giving to loved ones. There are many other meanings and symbolism of this July birthstone. Some associate the red color of Ruby gemstones with rage and intensity. This is why historically, medieval Europeans wore Rubies to discourage temperament and anger. Ruby symbolizes youth, vitality, and life. Historically warriors were Rubies on the battlefield since the red gem was believed to provide protection and strength. It was also believed that if a person gets injured, this stone transfers the power of the gemstone's red hue to promote recovery and healing. Citizens who suffer from blood disorders and inflammatory illnesses also wear Rubies hoping that the stone's positive power would help them in easing their pain and suffering.

What are the sources of Ruby?

Rubies are commonly found in basaltic rock environments and metamorphic
limestone deposits. East Asia is the major source of Rubies. Ruby gem that
originates from metamorphic limestone deposits or marble has a fluorescent
glow. In contrast, Ruby, which originates from basaltic rock, has a higher level of
iron concentration in its crystalline structure. The famous Ruby gems come from
the Himalayas, northern Vietnam, and Myanmar. Burmese rubies are rare, have
unparalleled beauty, and will come at a higher price point. On the Mohs hardness scale, the durability of Ruby is 9 out of 10, which means they are resistant to scratching and breakage. This makes Ruby rings and jewelry a perfect item to be worn for everyday wear.

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