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What is February's Birthstone? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

What is February's Birthstone?

Each month has one or two designated birthstones, and the birthstone for people born in February is amethyst. This is a popular gift for birthdays, anniversaries to many more. This Birthstone February is a sought-after gemstone today because of its striking deep purple color. Amethyst is a type of quartz that is hard in structure and contains silica. This birthstone is associated with Pisces and Aquarius in the Zodiac.

What is February's birthstone?

The birthstone for February is a purple stone known as amethyst. This birthstone
is known to fit royalty and respected status, which has existed for different
cultures for centuries. People born in February can wear this beautiful, ancient,
and most prized gemstones. It is a historically royal and most celebrated stone
associated with modesty, humility, and poise. Although this February birthstone
is deep purple, this gemstone can differ slightly in color ranging from a deep
purple shade to a light pinkish color. Often a secondary tone of blue or red can
also be visible in this tone.

History of Amethyst

According to Greek mythology, this stone strongly connects with the God of wine
named Bacchus because this February birthstone color is striking purple which
resembles wine. This stone was also believed to protect the wearer in business
and Battle affairs. Traditionally this gemstone is gifted on the 6th marriage
anniversary. Royals have greatly admired the rich purple hue of this February
birthstone, especially during the reign of Alexander the Great. Roman matrons
used to believe that wearing this stone would guarantee fidelity. Historically, this
February birthstone was believed to convey power and strength to the wearer. If
you want to celebrate your birthday in February, wearing this stone will
symbolize inner strength and personal empowerment.

Where can you find an amethyst birthstone?

One of the major sources of this February birthstone was Russia. However, in
19th-century grades, deposits of amethyst were found in Brazil. Amethyst was
once considered as rare as emerald or Ruby. But today, it is available in large
numbers, and the most important sources of this birthstone are South America
and Africa. Brazil is also a large supplier of amethyst, especially in southern states where light colored amethyst is available compared to other countries. An
important source for this birthstone is the Anahí mine situated in Bolivia.
Zambia's Kariba mine, in Africa, is also a big producer of amethysts worldwide.

Amethyst found here is widely known for its superb quality and rich saturated
color. Other prominent sources of February Birthstone Amethyst are from
Canada, Madagascar, India, and The United states.

Cleaning and carrying tips for amethyst

On the Mohs scale of toughness and hardness, amethyst has been ranked
seventh, meaning it is a perfect gemstone to be worn as a ring or any other
jewelry for regular use. However, this gemstone can wear down over time and
may need re-polishing. This February birthstone is also susceptible to quick
damage, unlike harder gemstones like sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. If you
place your amethyst ring or jewelry next to these stones, you may scratch your
stone. One of the most common ways to improve the marketability and color of
amethyst is by giving heat treatment. This treatment will help enlighten the color
of dark purple amethyst and make it appear more attractive. Heat treatment will
also remove brownish inclusions and unwanted flaws in the amethyst stone.
Excessive heat can cause permanent changes in the hue or color of the Amethyst and can make it turn to citrine or yellow. The stone's color can also fade if they are exposed to sunlight or strong light for a long time. The hue of this stone will be stable for normal use; however, you need to clean it, and they will cover it. You can clean the jewelry with ultrasonic cleaner; however, steam cleaning must be avoided. Using mild soap and a soft brush is the safest option to clean your amethyst birthstone ring or jewelry.

New World Diamonds don’t sell any birthstones. This article is about providing right information to users.

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