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What is Diamond Fire?

What is Diamond Fire? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

We all must have heard of the 4 Cs of diamond. But have you heard about the diamond fire? The fire of a diamond is one of the most important aspects of a diamond. While buying a diamond, there are a lot of things that you should consider. Having a good knowledge about factors like the fire of a diamond or diamond fire can help you get a good quality diamond. Lab grown diamonds also showcase a good fire. At New World Diamonds, we create diamonds that have a good diamond fire. Our lab grown diamonds are some of the best diamonds in the world. They feature excellent brilliance and fire. In this blog, we will take a look at what diamond fire is and how you can get a diamond with a good diamond fire.

What is Fire of a Diamond?

When it comes to buying a diamond, there are two things that we consider: the brilliance of a diamond and the fire of a diamond. Diamond fire is a phrase commonly used in the world of diamonds and other gemstones. It is the optical phenomenon that is exhibited by certain diamonds. Fire of a diamond refers to the dispersion of light as it enters a diamond and is refracted. This refraction splits the light into its spectral colors. This, in turn, creates flashes of vibrant hues.

When light enters a diamond, it undergoes internal reflection and dispersion. It results in the separation of white light into its spectral colors, just like a prism. This dispersion creates flashes of colored light within the diamond. This phenomenon is called as diamond fire. The more intense and colorful the flashes of light, the greater the diamond’s fire is considered to be. The fire of a diamond is highly valued and sought after by those who are experts when it comes to diamonds. Diamond fire adds to the beauty and brilliance of this gemstone. In the diamond industry, diamond fire is considered really important. Diamonds with exceptional fire are often considered more desirable and valuable.

What Affects the Diamond Fire?

Most of the diamonds have a diamond fire. However, there are a few factors that affect how visible the fire is. The 4 Cs of diamonds play a vital role in the fire of a diamond. The cut and clarity of the diamond greatly affect the fire of a diamond. Read on to know more:

Cut of the Diamond

The cut of the diamond refers to its shape and the quality of its proportions, symmetry, and finish. It is one of the four Cs of the diamond. It is commonly used to assess and evaluate diamonds. The cut of a diamond is crucial as it directly impacts the stone’s brilliance, sparkle, beauty, and fire. A well-cut diamond reflects and refracts light in a way that maximizes its inherent qualities. This makes the diamond appear more brilliant and vibrant.

It is said that the diamond cut types has the biggest impact on the fire of the diamond. This is because the cut determines the diamond’s interaction with light. One can argue that the greater the cut grade of the diamond, the more visible the fire will be. The cut grades range from deep cut to well cut and to shallow cut. Diamonds should be well cut in order to have a maximum fire. If the diamond cut is way too shallow or too deep, the light will not be reflected properly.

Clarity of the Diamond

If the clarity of the gemstone is low, it will create a fire and sparkle that is not much powerful. Diamonds with poor clarity will have imperfections on the surface that are visible to the naked eye. This means that the light cannot enter the diamond and reflect out. Diamonds that have a high number of inclusions can often look dull and will lack luster. So, while buying a diamond, you need to make sure that the lab grown diamond is clear if you want to have a good diamond fire.

Lab-grown diamonds are usually clearer than mined diamonds. At New World Diamonds, we provide you with the best lab grown diamonds that feature excellent brilliance and fire. If you want a perfect diamond, shop with New World Diamond. We will help you get the best diamonds and diamond jewelry.

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