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What is April's Birthstone? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

What is April's Birthstone?

The official birthstone for people who were born in April is diamonds. Diamonds
are translucent and glass-like stones with vivid light diffractions. This is why the
stone symbolizes power, extreme beauty, and purity. The birthstone for April is
the diamond, the most sought-after and popular gemstone in the world. They are
known for their durability and rigid structure, which makes them precious
gemstones. Ancient Greeks also considered this stone the most precious
gemstone on earth.

What is April's birthstone?

Diamond is a sparkling gemstone used as engagement or wedding rings today
and is expensive and exclusive jewelry. People born in April consider themselves lucky since a diamond is their birthstone. Each month in a year is assigned one or two precious gemstones that are known as birthstones. For April, the birthstone is glass-like translucent diamond stones, and people born this month can wear diamonds to celebrate birthdays. Birthstone April allows people to feel beautiful and special on their birthday, and a diamond is the most valuable gemstone. So April-born people feel loved and honored to wear diamonds.

How are diamonds formed?

April birthstone is formed in warm temperatures and under extremely pressured
carbon, leading to crystals forming. This high content of carbon present in the
crystalline diamond structure makes them impenetrable and hard material.
People recognize this stone by its durability, strength, and high clarity
translucence, and this April birthstone color varies from white stone to fancy
colored diamonds. Classic white diamonds are glass-like gems commonly found
in engagements, wedding rings, or other jewelry. They are highly reflective and
brilliantly colored, and they're also one of the most expensive diamonds. Cognac or champagne diamonds have a warm yellow tint, so they look like fine whiskey or champagne. Today there are many fancy-colored diamonds available in the market which comes in several colors such as the following

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Purple

The most popular type of diamond is white diamonds, and the official April
birthstone color is clear white.

History of diamonds

Around 900 million years ago, the first diamond was discovered, and humans
noticed the diamond in the early 4th century. As diamonds became more
commoditized, business traders began mining and transporting them at high
prices to elite families and Royals across the Silk Road. This April birthstone is a
symbol of happiness, protection from evil, royalty, and happiness. This is why
they are commonly found in engagement rings and form a perfect gift to be given to dear and loved ones. In folklore, these diamonds were considered an amulet protected against death, evil, and plague. The transparency, hardness, and luster of this April birthstone make them one of the most demanded and precious gemstones.

Symbolism and meaning

Historically diamonds were a premium quality gem that symbolized longevity,
strength, and everlasting love. Diamonds are the hardest material on the planet,
so they are closely associated with power and endurance. In ancient times, people believed that diamonds came with healing properties used to eliminate
misfortune and ailments. It was also believed that this April birthstone brings
balance and mental clarity. So they were often paired with amethyst. Romans
considered diamonds to be love stones, and many warriors in history wore
diamonds as a source of perseverance and strength.

How can you clean and maintain your diamond?

Cleaning and caring for April's birthstone is important since it is a precious
gemstone and is highly valued. You can clean your diamond using ultrasonic
cleaning. Alternatively, use mild warm water, gentle soap, and a lint-free cloth to
clean your diamond jewelry or ring. If you follow these cleaning tips with your
diamond stone, you can retain its value and ensure its safety for many more
years. The most sustainable and safest way for storing your diamond ring or
jewelry is to keep them in a secure and soft box lined with a cushion to prevent
excessive movement. Never store your diamond with other gemstones since the
exterior and hard material of the diamond will scratch the softer gemstones.

New World Diamonds don’t sell any birthstones. This article is about providing
right information to users.

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