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What is a Rectangle Engagement Ring Called?

What is a Rectangle Engagement Ring Called? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Are you looking for a unique and stunning diamond engagement ring that is as
promising and as shining as a brilliant round-cut diamond? If you answer yes,
then there is no better option than a rectangle engagement ring with an eye-
catching design. A rectangle engagement ring is a sister to the famous square-
shaped diamond that makes a stunning fashion statement and is a preferred
choice for modern brides.

What is a rectangle engagement ring called?

A rectangle engagement ring is called an emerald cut engagement ring, which
comes in angular and elongated shape with clipped corners and each side.
Historically these diamonds have been a popular choice for people for their
stunning shape. A rectangle diamond ring is appealing to the eye since it is set
either vertically or horizontally, unlike the most common round-shape diamond
engagement ring.

How does a rectangular cut to a diamond differ from a brilliant round-cut diamond?

Round brilliant cut and rectangular diamond shapes are two popular choices for
an engagement ring. However, many key differences between the two popular
diamond shapes make them ideal for different purposes and uses. The prime
difference between a brilliant cut diamond ring versus a Rectangle diamond
engagement ring is the symmetry.

In the brilliant round cut, you can see different sides of the diamond from a bird's
eye view. You will find emeralds in large diamond wedding rings with small carat
weights since they hide inclusions and flaws in the structure or surface of the
stone without compromising the shine or brilliance. Also, rectangle wedding
rings are cheaper than diamond shapes with more facets. The prime reason why
this emerald-shaped diamond ring is less expensive is that this diamond cut
requires less work in terms of cutting at the time of production.

What are the advantages of buying a rectangular engagement diamond ring?

Following are the advantages that you can expect from buying a rectangular
shape diamond engagement ring

  • Rectangular diamond rings appear larger

An rectangular or emerald diamonds engagement ring looks larger than other popular diamond shapes. This is because a rectangular-shaped diamond has a large surface; therefore, the diamond engagement ring appears larger than other shapes with the same carat weight. A 1-carat round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring will look smaller compared to a 1-carat rectangular-shaped diamond engagement ring. When this ring is viewed from above, an emerald- shaped diamond will appear larger because of the larger table, even though it has the same carat weight as the round diamond.

  • Rectangular diamond rings are affordable.

Unlike round brilliant cut diamonds, rectangular engagement rings are less
expensive; they are affordable for many people, especially couples on a tight budget. This is because jewelers require higher precision for making a round brilliant cut diamond, unlike rectangular engagement rings, which are more expensive.

  •  Emerald cut diamond engagement ring makes the finger look longer and leaner

If you have small fingers, wearing a rectangular engagement ring will make your finger look leaner and longer. This is not possible with the radiant-cut diamond engagement ring.


If you're looking for a diamond engagement ring that can be worn daily, then
rectangular wedding rings will be the right choice since they are durable and
made with high-quality materials. The best carat weight for your rectangle
diamond engagement ring will depend on your preference and on your budget. If
you are looking for a flashy diamond ring for your engagement, you can look for a rectangular diamond ring with a big carat weight, but if you want to have a simple ring, you can choose an engagement ring with a small carat weight.

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