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What Are Lab-Grown Diamond Grading Reports?

Diamonds are the rare gemstones that everyone absolutely loves. However, investing in the right diamond is vital. Since purchasing a diamond is one of the most valuable investments of your life, you should make sure that you are getting what you pay for. A great way to ensure that you purchase the best lab diamond is to look at its Diamond Grading Report.

Lab Diamond Grading Report

Every diamond needs verification to ensure it is authentic and that verification is provided by a diamond grading report. This report gives insight into the important information about a diamond. Since the 4C’s play a vital part in determining a diamond’s value, your diamond grading report includes precise information about the factors like carat weight, clarity, color and other data about your diamond. So when you purchase a lab diamond from a well-established Lab Grown Diamond Chain, you will get a Lab Diamond Grading Report along with it. And if your diamond seller does not provide you with a grading report, then chances are that the diamond may not be what it’s supposed to be.

Lab-grown diamond grading reports by GIA and IGI are considered as one of the most accurate reports for every diamond. The diamonds for the IGI grading report are screened using advanced technology that verifies even the slightest characteristics of the diamond.

Here’s what you can find on your GIA or IGI Lab-Grown Diamond Grading Report or LGDR.

  • Report Number – this number is unique for every diamond report and can be used to trace the diamond history
  • Identification – it determines the identification of your diamond for whether it is a lab-grown or natural mined
  • Shape and Cut – it determines the shape and cutting style of the diamond
  • Carat Weight – shows the precise weight of a diamond
  • Color Grade – this grade is determined by the presence or absence of color in the diamond. It ranges from D to Z
  • Clarity Grade – this determines the clarity of your diamond and whether it is included or not. A diamond with ‘I’ grade has visible inclusions, while a diamond with ‘FL’ grade is flawless

Other information stated on the LGDR report is the crown height, girdle, pavilion depth, polish and symmetry of the diamond.

While you shop for a lab-grown diamond, it is essential to know about its authenticity and origin; hence a lab-grown diamond grading report can come in handy at such times. When shopping for your wedding, you can invest in a Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band or Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Ring that is available at New World Diamonds since all our diamonds are 100% authentic, grown by the HPHT or CVD method, and are certified by IGI.

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