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What are Art Deco Engagement Rings?

What are Art Deco Engagement Rings? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts


These exquisite rings have unique geometric settings and bands. Your loved one’s diamond engagement ring will be more glamorous with eye-catching Art Deco Wedding Rings, regardless of the diamond cut you select (or wedding band).

Art Deco Rings

Geometric shapes, vivid hues, and an abundance of gems are characteristics of Art Deco engagement rings. With a background of white diamonds and vividly colored jewels as the focal point, the settings are typically made of platinum or white gold. Common centerpiece options are cushion, ascher, emerald, and ancient cut stones. Many wonderful vintage Art Deco-inspired engagement rings are available, but contemporary jewelers have drawn inspiration from the design to create absolutely au courant replacements. They don’t necessarily require a second ring because of how elaborate they are; believe us, they will make it evident that you are married.


The Art Deco era was genuinely a singular and global phenomenon, incorporating inspirations not only from Europe but also from places and cultures like India, Japan, Russia, China, Persia, etc. As a result, Art Deco designs were disseminated throughout the globe, and the era strongly influenced jewelry, fashion, and architecture. Unique distinguishing steps, triangles, chevrons, and symmetrical sunbursts were displayed with fine, exact craftsmanship during the Art Deco era.

Types of Art Deco Rings

  1. Estelle Ring: This Art Deco diamond ring, which exhibits unparalleled beauty, features a center diamond and a band with unusual mil-grained gem cutouts paired with round lab-grown diamond accents that give this magnificent ring a romantic feel.
  1. Pela Vintage Ring: Each of the 12 lab-created diamonds in this exquisite vintage design is surrounded by milgrain edges, making for a magnificent ring.
  1. Regal Halo Ring: The cathedral shoulders of this historic ring rise to a halo, and it has lovely milgrain edges in addition to brilliant lab created diamonds.
  1. Demi Marquise Halo Ring: An eye-catching and feminine design is formed by brilliant round and marquise-shaped lab-made diamonds with a flower halo set on a tapering band of precious metal.
  1. Evelyn Ring: The Evelyn is a stunning design with Art Deco influences that has a lab-created emerald diamond, a ring of contrasting baguette and round diamonds, and a sparkling cathedral band.
  1. Deco Ring: The Deco Ring, suitable with the gem with a round-shaped lab-created center diamond of your choice, conjures a vintage atmosphere with geometric milgrain accents inspired by Art Deco.
  1. Avant Halo Ring: The Avant has a prong-set gemstone band for classic beauty and a ballerina halo of brilliant lab-created diamonds that taper in size.


Art Deco Wedding Rings and jewelry are simple to recognize by their bold, geometric forms and larger-than-life personalities. The intricate designs are elegant in mathematics and frequently use fewer diamonds than in earlier periods in jewelry history. The attention was instead drawn to these gorgeous items by colored gemstones used in Art Deco designs, such as jewels, rubies, onyx, and sapphires. Because it has a contemporary glimmer and is simple to work in intricate designs. Platinum was the most common metal in Art Deco engagement rings and many other jewelry items.


No matter whether a period is your preference, these jewels have an incredible history, and unique character and will always have a splendor and graceful appeal that is a legacy to leave to subsequent generations.


Large Art Deco diamond rings may completely overwhelm little hands or delicate fingers, so when picking a band, try on many designs to determine which type of gem best compliments the finger wearing it. To invest in a wonderful ring that will remain stunning and unique for many years, ensure the gem is authentic in its design and craftsmanship. This ring will make your engagement memorable.

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