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Wedding Rings - White or Colored?

Diamond weddings are a must for everybody. Man or lady, the sparkle of a decent diamond has seldom neglected to draw them in. Especially when it comes to weddings, diamonds are irreplaceable. While some like the plain white diamond ring, some may be inclined toward a huge colored diamond wedding ring.

Picking a wedding ring with a stunning diamond can be a breeze - given you have no qualms over spending money. Notwithstanding, assuming there are impediments, you should think about a couple of things when deciding on the purchase of a particular wedding ring.

How much do you plan on spending?

White diamonds are quite basic. Of-course they can be just as stunning and precious. But most people expect white diamonds on their wedding ring. They are common and as a result found in various price ranges. On the other hand, Lab developed diamonds are all the rage today. They will furnish you with a better quality at a cheaper reach as well.

The Adrianna Ring by New World Diamonds is the perfect example of a stunning white wedding ring or engagement band for your partner.

The other option is the rarer colored Diamonds wedding ring. Then again, as these are more uncommon, they are a touch more costly. Notwithstanding, certain varieties like yellow and brown are more normal and less important. Additionally, much like white diamond, lab grown colored diamonds are also available at a more reasonable rate. The Romina Ring is one such example of a rare looking colored wedding ring.

The shade of the diamond alone doesn't set its worth. The cut and lucidity of the diamond are additionally choosing factors. An incredibly cut white diamond might be estimated higher than a low quality shaded one.


The most recent patterns in design are also a very important factor in choosing a stunning diamond ring. Colored Diamond engagement rings are in vogue right now too.

On the off chance that you lean towards a rich and modern look, a differently cut white diamond will suit your requirements. You ought to look at lab developed jewels for the most ideal quality affordable enough for you.

However, when it comes to colored diamond wedding rings, they are a true rarity. Your diamond may be a traditional princess cut or a rare square cut, if it’s colored, it will stand out.

The Remy ring is one such square-cut pink diamond ring. Inspired by a vintage, halo design, this ring is one that partner will show off proudly.

How is your Partner’s taste?

Whether you opt for a traditional ring or a rare modern one really depends on what your partner would love. While you may be purchasing the ring, it is your partner who you are purchasing it for and they will be wearing it every single day.

It only stands to reason that you try and figure out what they have always wanted as a wedding band or bring them with you to make your purchase. Colored wedding rings may not be up everyone’s alley and do not make any purchase without knowing your partner’s preference.

Buying a wedding band is a personal experience and you can make it more so by opting for the design your own engagement ring option. This will allow you to choose a good quality colored diamond or white diamond and choose your own setting too. New World Diamonds offers this service to is customer because we understand your need to choose a unique and stunning ring for the woman you love!

By the day's end, purchasing a diamond wedding ring is a milestone event and your partner’s smile is the only thing that matters. Whether it's white or hued, your diamond ought to make her eyes shimmer!

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