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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

Trending Cluster Clean Diamond Engagement Rings for 2022

A union between two souls symbolises compassion and forever. For eternal and timeless love, choosing a trendy engagement ring may be counterintuitive. But before you drop your idea and go for the classics, hear us out! The chic and sophisticated look of the trending lab-grown engagement diamond rings gives you choices in not only abundance but also a taste that will be loved by your partner. The new creations may help you discover your partner's diamond choice and priorities.

Giving your family heirloom a new lease of life, these trending lab created diamond engagement rings are made to provide inspiration in a decked-up market and ensure that you fall on your knees proposing with a ring that's truly tailored to your partner!

Read on to discover the most promising and heart fluttering clean diamond engagement rings that are sure to settle the deal and make you the hero to your Cinderella! (not sure about the glass sandal, but a ring with a pearly shine)

Trilogy Engagement Ring

Featuring three diamonds, a trilogy engagement ring has seized the top place in the most trending engagement diamond rings list. Reflecting a perfect balance of personality and classic elegance, a trilogy ring comes studded with a slightly bigger centre diamond than its other two siblings. Wanting to perfect your love affair? Buy a dazzling lab-grown diamond trilogy ring for maximum shine and eternal radiance.

Two-Stone Engagement Ring

Referred to as Toi et Moi, which translates to "you and me" in French, a two-stone ring is another piece that has garnered the love and attention of all lovebirds seeking permanence and a happy ending to their fairy tale. A two-stone ring comes with two diamonds fixed in a prong setting on each end of the ring. For the ones who can't settle with one dazzling stone, here's your thing to add color and glamour in one ring.

Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

Defining power and confidence in a sparkling way, an emerald-cut lab-grown diamond ring remains the winner of hearts. An emerald cut diamond has steep edges and shining facets that add to the grandeur of the ring, making it look more prominent and noticeable.

New World Diamonds, offering authentic and clean diamonds, are a one-stop-shop for the most exquisite and regal lab-grown diamond jewelry piece that never fail to woo your eyes. Crafting fine pieces with honesty and a touch of opulence, we ensure to deliver the diamond range that you have been looking for!

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