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Top 3 Elegant Two-Tone Engagement Rings

Top 3 Elegant Two-Tone Engagement Rings - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

A unique spin on a typical engagement ring is the two-tone diamond engagement rings that are just as striking as they sound. Build diligently and crafted to perfection are these dual-tone rings that bring the basics to life with their trendy appeal and modern look. Usually, the two-tone metals are set in a fashion that complements the other and accentuates the brilliance of the wearer.

Make Your Ring One-Of-A-Kind

Metals are something that a lab-grown diamond ring buyer ponders apart from the sterling stone. Matching the metal with the skin tone, shape and personality of the wearer, much brainstorming goes behind choosing the right tone of the metal. To bring the look of your diamond ring to life comes our elegant and timeless dual-tone rings to impart an impeccable and profound look.

Here's a list of some handpicked two-tone engagement ring designs to give your timeless look - a touch of opulence and modernity.

  • Two-tone Multi-Row Engagement Ring

In this lab-grown diamond engagement ring style, weaves of diamond rows accent over one another, highlighting the center stone. One of the three diamonds bands comes in a different metal, adding an eccentric charm and fresh vibe to the classic design. The accent diamond band, halfway up to the finger, adds to the stone's dazzling spark and gives it a lively and charismatic appearance.

  • Two-tone Bypass Diamond Ring

Featuring two bands winding up asymmetrically to the center stone and a diamond less band to highlight the accent diamonds on the band, the two-tone bypass ring style gives an intriguing and modern appearance. These curvy diamond bands add a touch of style and fashion to the classic band of a different metal. This design has remarkable details enough to keep the onlookers gawking at the design for life.

  • Two-tone Split Shank Diamond Ring

A more subtle take on two-tone style is what a spilt shank diamond ring style offers. Two diamond bands curling up to the center stone to highlight its grandiose shine and sparkle looks breathtaking and gorgeous. This weave of curly diamond bands set in different metals and the third in the other is an ideal match for ones who want everything out there but without looking too much.

New World Diamonds, a lab-grown diamond company, offers excellent dual-tone set lab-grown diamond rings for your big day. We have many sterling designs for the modern classic, from pink diamond engagement rings to white diamond rings for sale to satiate your sparkle needs and extra bling!

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