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Top 10 Reasons for a Lab-Grown Diamond

Top 10 Reasons for a Lab-Grown Diamond - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

If you had a chance to read our previous blog “Let's talk Lab-Grown Diamonds” then you already know some key facts. But if you haven’t let’s do a quick crash course. Lab-grown and lab-created are the same things. We typically use grown over created, because we’re all growing and to create a diamond in a lab, you must grow it. In a laboratory, you start with a “seed,” the same building blocks as naturally grown diamonds and although it takes a lot less time, you grow a diamond. It’s amazing to see and since we own the lab, we get to watch them grow; well the scientist does. Which means they are ethically grown and because they are diamonds, they go through the same grading process as the natural diamonds do, but without all the damage. You’ll see what we mean in the following:

The top ten reasons for lab-grown diamonds.

1) Beauty & Quality

As we discussed above, lab-grown diamonds are in fact REAL diamonds. Which means the traditional method of grading a diamond still applies. We’re talking about the globally accepted descriptors of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight, otherwise known as the Four C’s.

Let’s start with the diamond cut. Cut refers to the precision and quality of the methods used to cut and polish a diamond from its raw state. It’s all about what the inside looks like and how it interacts with light, not to be confused with the actual shape of the stone!

Color is based on the absence of color. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue. A perfect diamond, with no impurities and no defects, is completely colorless or sometimes called white. Many of these diamond color distinctions are so subtle it’d be hard to tell from just looking at them, even harder once set in a jewelry item. The one thing you will see these distinctions make is in diamond quality and price. Colored diamonds or “fancy-colored” are graded completely different.

Clarity is an easy one, it’s what it sounds like. Clarity measures how many blemishes or inclusions are visible in the diamond to the naked eye or when viewing via a microscope. When there are more imperfections present the clarity of a diamond is lower.

Carat weight is the only weight we like talking about! One carat is exactly one-fifth of a gram (0.20 g). When a diamond is expertly cut, the carat weight defines the size of the diamond.  


2) They’re One of a Kind.

No two diamonds are alike.

This is true for both lab-grown diamonds and mined stones. Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical features as mined stones. They’re made from a carbon seed placed in a chamber and superheated. The process creates tiny carbon particles that eventually crystallize into diamonds. This process exactly mimics how diamonds are formed beneath the Earth’s surface. It’s also important to note, that our diamonds are not synthetic. Examples of synthetic diamonds are moissanite or cubic zirconium. These products are created to imitate the beauty of diamonds; however, they have no carbon properties.

While we have our own diamond recipes, each diamond still forms in its own unique way based on tiny fluctuations in the conditions under which they are made. It's kind of like homemade bread, even if you follow the same recipe every time, each loaf will always have small differences.

You cannot see or feel any difference between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds. In fact, they are so similar that only a trained gemologist using the help of specialized equipment can tell a difference.

So, don’t worry your diamond isn’t being mass-produced like sliced bread. Your diamond is unique like you. Which is another reason why we offer loose diamonds and you can choose which diamond you desire in your jewelry.


3) Stand Out and be…You

At New World Diamonds we think you matter, and we celebrate everything that makes you, you. Differences make us stronger, a lot less boring and you deserve to be able to express your authentic self with a diamond.

So, for starters, you can choose a pink, black, smoke, white or orange diamond and we’re working hard to bring you even more colors in the coming months, so stay tuned. We also have an incredible team of designers, artisans and jewelers under one roof that would love to help you find a traditional setting or work with you to create a custom setting that is completely unique to your style, whether you want a ring, necklace, earrings or something else entirely unique we would be thrilled to work with you in bringing your vision to life.

If you have an idea you’d like to talk about, please call us at 877-653-2250 and we’ll get to work.


4) You Can buy it Yourself.

Why not? Be you! Do you! Express you!

Decades of tradition have done a good job of convincing us that diamonds are gifted TO you, usually as a declaration of love either from a partner, maybe even a parent or someone close to you. Tradition certainly has its place and does make a lot of events in our lives special. But does that mean you have to wait around on someone else before you can own a diamond? Of course not!

We want you to practice some self-love. Go ahead, celebrate something you’ve accomplished at work, be proud of everything you do, everything you have accomplished. Empower yourself to buy your own symbol of (self) love and wear it proudly.


5) They’re Not Just the Future; They’re the Right Now.    

Ok, so the technology to create lab-grown diamonds has been around since the 50’s, which is not the future or now. However, lab-grown diamonds by their very nature stand for modernity and it seems lots of people are starting to take notice.

In late July 2018, the United States Federal Trade Commission amended its jewelry guidelines to say, as the Federal Register reported the change: “Lab-created products that have essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds are also diamonds.” Meaning, diamonds are diamonds, no matter where they’re created. Keep in mind that changes or updates to the FTC’s diamond guidelines have been few and far between over the last fifty years, so a revision like this is big deal and shows that we’re not the only ones who have been looking for something new.

Basically, we’re sparking a good old-fashioned shake-up in the world of diamonds. At New World Diamonds we give you choice, provide top quality diamonds and bring you a guilt-free accessible diamond.

Welcome to the brand new now.


6) Color

Color, we have color, some of the greatest color diamonds on the planet today!

Did you know that colored diamonds found in nature are 10,000 times as rare as colorless stones (also called white) and make up less than 1% of the market? Which is why their extraordinary depth and eye-catching shades are used in jewelry made for some of the most powerful and influential people on the planet.

Lucky for you, we can make colored diamonds for a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds, making the rare beauty of colored gems something that’s finally within reach for everyone. Color is determined in diamonds by adding trace elements during the growing process to create varying hues. For example, adding nitrogen creates orange diamonds; adding boron creates purple. The ratio of the trace elements to the carbon in the diamond will determine the depth, tone, and intensity of the final color.


7) A Modern Heirloom

Heirloom is a fancy word and it gets even fancier when the word jewelry is added to it. But we aren’t here to tell you how to use your diamond or tell you how precious your diamond is, or if it deserves to be an heirloom. We’re here to help you recognize and celebrate all of life’s moments, no matter what it is you’re celebrating.

We know though, that heirloom jewelry traditions are created during moments of celebration. When you give or receive a diamond from a loved one, that diamond becomes a carrier of special significance. Our lab-grown diamonds will never fade or change color as they age making them the perfect symbol of your own history.


8) They Aren’t Just for Engagements

Whoever said that diamonds are just for engagements didn’t have enough fun or adventure in their life. At least that’s what we think. They’re for all of life’s moments, shared with others or spent giving yourself some well-deserved love. Diamonds are for moments that make you happy, fill you with love, or maybe even those times you feel silly. New additions to the family (baby or puppy?), when your BFF does something amazing at work, or when you were brave enough to take that trip alone. We don’t know what moments are important to you, but we want you to have the right diamond when you decide it’s the right moment.

Celebrate today!


9) Lab-Grown Diamonds Go with Everything

Lab-grown diamonds go with every look.

Lab-grown diamonds are for living with, they’re your own expression, no matter what you’re doing. They’re super durable and easy to clean (see our diamond care page here). A pair of classic white studs will complete your evening look for a fancy work party. But they will also look chic when you are headed to the dog park in your relaxed after work outfit. Or maybe you want to add a splash of color with some intense pink diamond earrings.


10) Gives YOU choices.

New World Diamonds is really all about you.

We started this company because we want to bring you incredible diamonds that empower you to express yourself however you see fit. This means we’ve taken bold steps to cut out the middlemen, which creates added markups found in the traditional supply chain, allowing us to provide you with a much more cost-effective diamond. So, you have the choice to go big or small, depending on your mood and budget. And of course, you have a rainbow of colors from which to choose. You could even mix and match, if that’s your thing.

One thing that is important to us is providing you with enough information about lab-grown diamonds that you, as a consumer, can make an informed decision. Choice is always a good thing. Always.

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