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The What and Why of Lab Grown Diamonds – 6 Basic Questions to Clear Your Doubts

  1. What are lab-made diamonds?

Man-made diamonds, otherwise called lab-engineered or cultured diamonds, are grown in controlled and monitored lab conditions utilizing highly advanced mechanics that emulate the circumstances under which diamonds typically foster when formed naturally in the mantle under the earth’s surface. These man-made diamonds comprise fundamental carbon particles organized in the trademark carbon structure of a natural diamond. Since they are made of similar materials as natural diamonds, they display identical chemical and optical properties.

Our lab-developed diamonds are accessible in an assortment of designs and colors. Engineered diamonds are also available in beautiful and rare colors like hues of yellow and pink. Extravagant shaded lab-made diamonds sell at many reasonable prices instead of their natural counterparts.

  1. The Process

Our lab-made diamonds are developed from the tiny carbon seeds of natural diamonds. A trend-setting innovation – a unique deposition process known as CVD - impersonates the technique that creates natural diamonds. Some lab diamonds developed through this process may go through pressure and heat treatments after they are developed.

Similarly, colored lab-grown diamonds are created using specific trace elements. This is, again, similar to how naturally colored diamonds are formed. In both white and colored diamonds, the particular organization of these components might vary from their natural counterparts.

New World Lab Grown Diamonds are just the same as natural, mined diamonds. We sell certified and graded diamonds, and the only way to differentiate between any lab-grown diamond and a natural one is by using specialized equipment and experts.

  1. Are Lab Grown Diamonds the same as Diamond Simulants?

Diamond simulants are artificial diamonds. They may look like diamonds, but they are just an imitation. Diamond Simulants like moissanite and cubic zirconia are pretty similar to diamonds, yet, they have different chemical and physical properties. They are not carbon crystals. The difference between diamond simulants and natural diamonds is visible to the naked eye.

Gemologists can usually recognize differences between diamonds and moissanite because of their varying refractive properties, with moissanite being two-fold refractive and jewels being single refractive.

  1. What is the grading system for lab-grown diamonds?

All lab-developed diamonds are real diamonds and are judged on the same standards. Once they are manufactured, an independent lab and the experts look at the 4 Cs of the diamond and grade it. Lab-made diamonds and mined diamonds follow the same certification standards.

  1. What are the 4 C’s of a Lab Grown Diamond?

The cycle for evaluating lab-grown diamonds is equivalent to mined ones. These diamonds are also graded depending on the Cut, shape, Clarity, and Color.

  • The Carat of a diamond is its size and weight.
  • The Cut is one of the most important factors to consider as the brilliance.
  • The Color tends to lower the grade of the diamond. A clear, colorless diamond receives a higher grade.  
  • The appearance of the diamond and a lack of imperfections, scratches, or cracks refer to the Clarity of the diamond.
  1. Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds over Mined ones?

Perhaps the most crucial point favoring Lab Grown Diamonds is their sustainability. We can all agree that sustainable options are a necessity today. Lab-made diamonds are the answer to sustainable jewels. These are real diamonds without the ethical conflicts that mining causes. They do not harm ecosystems or lives and habitats. Their production is in labs and monitored.

Then, there are other factors why lab-grown diamonds are becoming so popular. They are comparatively cheaper than mined ones. They do not utilize a lot of energy, labor, or time, which allows you to save a chunk of money on the price tag.

Lab-grown diamonds are created according to a fixed procedure. They are carefully handled and are not drilled or dug out. The chances of them having cracks or other defects are less.

Lab-grown diamonds are also produced in different colors and sizes. Rest assured that adding a hue is also done to emulate how natural diamonds get their color - By introducing a trace element that lends it the color.

Why opt for Lab-Grown Diamonds?

  • Ethical Diamonds
  • Money’s Worth
  • High Quality

Lab-Grown Diamonds by New World Diamonds are reasonably priced and available in rare and stunning colors and shapes. Our Diamonds are of a certifiable quality and a mindful choice for your jewelry!

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