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The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

Often times, when selecting engagement rings, the centre diamond often gets most of the love and attention. It’s their sheer brilliance that takes our breath away. The sparkly centre in engagement rings stands out proudly once because of the many things present around it, asserting its presence in the centre. Engagement Ring Settings play a huge role in ensuring your ring creates the impact it does. Much like when making the choice for engagement rings, there are a few things like your partner’s personal style, wear preference and spend budget that you need to keep in mind when deciding on the engagement ring settings.  Once you have a handle on these key factors, the door is thrown right open for you to peruse through the plethora of setting options to select from. Some of the popular choices are:


The Prong: Known as one of the most popular choices by young brides-to-be, the prong comes with four or six claw-like prongs that hold the diamond right in its centre.  Depending on the shape and size of your diamond, you should ideally select the number of prongs. You would pick 4, if you want to draw more attention on your diamond, but if you want it more secured, pick the 6-pronged ring. Despite its popularity, one of the larger hassles the wearers of the prong setting experience is that it gets snagged in the hair and clothes often. So, if you are with, or are a bride-to-be who likes to be carefree, be vary before making the choice.


The Pave: This engagement ring setting quite suitable for its name, paves the way for tinier stones to be surrounded around the centre diamond, alluding the idea of a larger sized ring. The metal that holds the diamonds, are essentially non-existing in this setting, making the ring look sparkier, shinier and brighter. The downside? Your fitness enthusiast partner might not appreciate the less secure setting type that doesn’t align with their active lifestyle.


The Halo: Think your partner would appreciate a fuller ring on their finger? Then this setting might be an obvious choice for them. The centre ring, while smaller, can go on to have a ring of micro pave stones around the ring, adding a ‘halo’ around the centre ring. The halo can be simple, or more intricate in design, depending on yours and your partner’s choice. Keep in mind that it isn’t too large or heavy for everyday use.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, you may also explore channel setting, bezel setting, tension setting, bar setting among many others.

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