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The Ultimate Diamond Jewelry Checklist for All Engaged Couples

Diamonds are the center of attention for any couple who is going to be engaged or is engaged. Diamonds symbolize the love and commitment of a couple for one another. It denotes loyalty and trust which is the foundation of love. And because these gemstones are durable, they last for a lifetime and may even be passed on to the next generation.

So whether you’re a guy looking for the perfect ring for your special someone, or a girl looking for the ideal ring for your partner, you should definitely make diamond jewelry part of your list. And if you’re getting engaged any time soon, then you and your significant other should definitely have a jewelry checklist to ensure everything is in before time.

Here’s a diamond jewelry checklist for you and your partner:

  1. Round Brilliant Lab Diamond Ring for Her

The first piece of jewelry on your list should be a diamond ring. Round brilliant diamonds are considered to be the best diamond shape and their shine is matchless. You can get a lab-grown diamond ring as it is also a real diamond with the same qualities as a natural diamond. Besides, lab grown diamond jewelry costs lesser than mined diamonds so you can save a good deal of money on diamond jewelry.

  1. Platinum Band with Diamond For Him

A platinum band studded with a single lab grown diamond can be perfect for your partner. Platinum bands make for a perfect jewelry piece for men and a diamond will just add to its elegance.

  1. Colored Diamond Necklace

If you want something heavy and stylish for your engagement, then a diamond necklace should be on your list. A necklace with a colored diamond at the center and other white diamonds placed adjacently will make an amazing adornment. You can buy colored diamonds from New World Diamonds where you will find a variety of authentic lab grown diamonds.

  1. Couple Bands

Couple bands are in style today. They look classy and chic and make for the perfect engagement jewelry that you and your partner should possess. Couple bands are available in various styles that you can choose from. Make sure you purchase couple bands that have a lab grown diamond on them.

This was the ultimate diamond jewelry list for you that you can use when you shop for jewelry before your engagement. You can invest in lab grown diamond jewelry as they cost less and are the same as any other real diamond.

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