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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
The Royal Purple Heart Diamond - An Attraction for All - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

The Royal Purple Heart Diamond - An Attraction for All

Colored diamonds are quite rare gemstones, especially because they get their vibrant hues due to certain minerals or impurities that impart a beautiful shade into the diamond. Red and pink diamonds are considered the rarest diamonds. This is the reason why a red or pink diamond engagement ring is gaining popularity for proposals today. But, although these colors are rare, they are often available at various diamonds sellers and lab created diamond brands as part of the jewelry. However, purple is the true rare diamond as it is not easily found.

Out of the few purple diamonds discovered or excavated to date, The Royal Heart Purple Diamond stands to be the peculiar one. It weighs a good 7.34 carats and has a vivid purple hue that makes it look alluring.

Why The Royal Purple Heart Diamond is Popular

The true origin of this exotic diamond is not known. However, the diamond is claimed to have originated in Russia. This purple diamond is graded by the Gemological Institute of America with I1 clarity and Fancy Vivid Purple Color. The reason why this diamond is so popular is because of its two fascinating characteristics. The first being the diamond’s vibrant purple shade, and the second being it’s perfectly cut heart shape. All praise to the Julius Klein Diamond Corporation that was responsible for the cutting of this rare piece of gemstone.

A purple diamond is very difficult to find in nature; hence, finding this gem-quality diamond was a task. Besides, getting to the gorgeous shape of the diamond was an even difficult task. But all admiration goes to the skilled people who showed their craftsmanship in creating this breathtaking piece of gemstone the way it is. The purple hue of this 7-carat diamond beams brightly from all sides due to its unique heart shape. And although the diamond does not have the cleavage that is a significant characteristic of a heart-shaped diamond, it is still considered one.

The facets of a heart-shaped diamond absorb maximum light and reflect it. Therefore, it gives this unique diamond the sparkle that is the foremost attraction of it.  The price of The Royal Purple Heart Diamond is still not known.

With all of these facts, The Royal Purple Heart Diamond is considered one of the most mysterious yet famous diamonds found across the globe.

Although getting such an enigmatic diamond can seem to be an impossible task, you can rather get your hands on CVD Diamonds. These diamonds are grown inside a laboratory with intense heat and pressure to yield real diamonds. Lab-grown diamond rings, bracelets, and other lab diamond jewelry are quite trending today as they are affordable and cause no threat to the environment.

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